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Shot Roulette is an awesome drinking game for BlackBerry 10



BlackBerry is all about business these days but all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Shot Roulette is a fun game to play and unwind with your friends (up to 6 players).

Shot Roulette is played just how you think. Either you “Take a Bullet”, “Dodge a Bullet”, “Misfire” or “Send a Bullet” to a friend. The infamous “Take a Bullet” card is where the fun starts – if you draw this card it’s your turn to take a shot. If you pick up the “Dodge a Bullet” card, don’t sweat, you’re spared from this round’s shot. If you get a “Misfire” card, you can save it to dodge a future bullet! And if you’re lucky enough to get the “Send a Bullet” card, choose a friend and give ‘em a shot.

Download Shot Roulette at this BlackBerry World link.

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Free To Play (F2P) Games Have Big Potential On BlackBerry 10


Free to Play games are the next big thing on mobile. More accurately, the problem the big thing right now on mobile. The leaders of Free To Play (F2P), are by far iOS and Android. The reason being is that these platforms have both the games and the users to make for a market that is favorable to F2P. BlackBerry 10 arguably has the right technical specs to be a competitor, but what it’s really lacking is the user base. But lets be hypothetical for a minute; what if BlackBerry 10 had the users? There are a couple aspects of BlackBerry 10 that make it highly competitive in today’s market. One is the payment relationships RIM has. The other is its commitment to a its developers.
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