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More BES 5.0 information revealed — release date, features


Longtime friends of BBCool, Simon Sage and Al Sacco, were at RIM’s media event in New York yesterday (we couldn’t attend because of a scheduling conflict, sigh) and both were able to grab more info on RIM’s upcoming BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0 – codenamed Argon. First to release dates, where RIM claimed a Q2 release date for BES 5.0. This may seem like lip service considering Argon was due to launch, oh, nine WES’ ago, but according to RIM, beta versions have been in the hands of companies for the last year, and in use internally for two, so I’m confident we’ll see it soon.

In addition, our boy Simon was able to grab an extended BES 5.0 feature set from what we posted yesterday – you can find it after the jump. If you’re still hungry for more Argon info, Al Sacco has written a great article on the Five (BES) 5.0 Features CIOs Need to Know About. As always, we’ll post more about Argon as we learn more.

BES 5.0 Extended Feature List