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Startup Showcase: Discover Art Around the World With Art Sumo #startupfest


art sumo

Anyone who has traveled a lot knows that the developing world is a fascinating place to discover art. Each culture has a unique style and since developing countries don’t have the same media infrastructure, you probably will never hear about some of the incredible artists coming out of places like India. Art Sumo aims to help connect potential art buyers with works of art from both the developed and developing world via a newsletter. According to the founder:

At Art Sumo, we give you the opportunity to virtually travel the world just by checking your email each day. We scour the globe to provide you with access to one handcrafted, one-of-a-kind painting from an undiscovered artist daily, at exclusive, members-only pricing. Think of us as a daily round-trip ticket to the art bazaars of Thailand, India, or even Southern France..

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