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Manage assets by barcode and serial with AssetRelay for BlackBerry


assetrelay for blackberry

MobileVision will be launching software-only or software with hardware bundles that are literally one tenth the cost of many well-known asset solutions.

AssetRelay allows the user to manage any asset by barcode or serial number. Once the assets are recorded, you can have items structured by items in, items out, transfers or actions. Preset configurations are available for your line of business or you can customize your own in a few clicks online.

MobileVision offers Bluetooth and cabled mini-USB hardware options for barcode scanning and signature capture, plus internal GPS support for location awareness. The hardware and software bundles come with full Internet backend management and reporting. The product also features simple integration to any inventory, dispatching or invoicing system through universal standards like web services.

For more information and purchase details, see the MobileVision site.


WES Exhibitor Spotlight: Trackaphone


TrackaphTrackaphone logoone offers location based services for business that need to track their employees or their assets while they’re in the field. The Asset Locator and The People Locator work similarly, giving businesses the ability to keep an eye on phones, employees, GPS devices, lone worker protection devices, and more. Both work with Mobile Finder, a stripped down version of the software that lets you keep an eye on the field even while you’re on the move. So far it’s only available on the 8800, so hopefully we’ll see support for more models at WES.

Vettro teams up for underground asset tracking


TunnelVettro, the developer of asset-tracking software, has recently teamed up with IRTH, to bring underground GPS tracking to BlackBerry and Motorola mobiles. Vettro’s 360 platform includes an electronic white lining technology which has yielded some impressive results.

Based on a recently published company report, the use of the GPS-based mobile white lining functionality alone reduced the average notification area for locate requests by over 89.42% and eliminated over 8% of outbound locate tickets. The report conservatively estimates a potential cost savings of over $120 million nationally in the damage prevention process through use of the mobile application.

By working tightly with IRTH’s One Call system, this new deal will help underground workers quickly find out if it’s safe to dig without busting up gas and electric lines.