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AP Stylebook – Why Would Anyone Purchase This App?


ap stylebook
You seriously can’t just Google “blog”?

The Associated Press has just released a BlackBerry version of the AP Stylebook and after reading the description of the app, it doesn’t make any sense why someone would spend $19.99 (regularly $24.99) on this app. For those who don’t know, the AP Stylebook provides guidelines for spelling, language, punctuation, usage and journalistic style.

Does anyone even take the AP Stylebook seriously anymore? It took them up until 5 days ago to recognize that “e-mail” should actually be spelled “email”. It also took the AP Stylebook until recently to change “smart phone” to “smartphone” and “cell phone” to “cellphone”. It’s hard to imagine there was someone at the Associated Press actually fighting that transition. Also, why do you need a stylebook on the go? I guess if you’re writing on your laptop, with no Internet connection, and you can’t or don’t know how to Tether, and you your boss insists that all writing be exactly according to AP Stylebook guidelines.
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AP Launches Mobile News Network for BlackBerry


AP for BlackBerru

The Associated Press today launched a new Mobile News Network client application optimized for BlackBerry. The Mobile News Network application for BlackBerry is now available for free download at bb.apnews.com.

Launched in May, the award-winning Mobile News Network is a multimedia news portal providing anytime access to international, national and local news content from an unrivalled network of local media sources. With the emergence of innovative smart phone devices, AP wanted to offer a tailored version of the Mobile News Network for BlackBerry users on the go. The application supports all BlackBerry devices such as the BlackBerry® Curve™ and BlackBerry® Pearl™ series smart phones (including the new Flip phone) as well as the new BlackBerry® Bold™.
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First Look: AP Mobile News Network for BlackBerry (CTIA Hangover)


Mobile News Network for BlackBerry

UPDATE: I should have made this more predominant, but AP is offering a limited beta of Mobile News Network for BlackBerry right now! Just head to http://bb.apnews.com and sign up.

While at CTIA, I was able to sit with some of the fine people that work for the Associated Press. After some mild cajoling, I was able to let them give me a look at their Mobile News Network for BlackBerry application. I’ve been using it for about two weeks now, so it’s time to show you some photos of MNN for BlackBerry, along with impressions.

Mobile News Network for BlackBerry