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Analyst Claims Torch Sales Had No Meaningful Impact on AT&T Revenue


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A Pacific Crest analyst James Faucette claims that the BlackBerry Torch failed to make any significant impact on revenue between RIM and AT&T. In a research note he wrote: “We believe that the Torch has settled into a stable sell-through level while not meaningfully affecting BlackBerry’s overall revenue with AT&T despite rising average selling prices.”

Pacific Crest claims that the Torch has cannibalized a substantial portion of Bold sales, and those who are still purchasing a Bold are doing so because of a preference for OS 5. To cap off a poor review of RIM’s device sales, Faucette writes: “We believe RIM is entering into a downward margin spiral.”
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Reminder: BlackBerry Torch 9800 Unlock Requires Browser Service Books


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This may be an obvious reminder for some but if you’re looking to get your BlackBerry Torch unlocked, make sure your carrier has announced the device because otherwise they may not have the proper WebKit browser service books. With an unlocked Torch, you can still use the WebKit browser over a WiFi connection, but you’ll be unable to use it over a regular radio connection unless your carrier can send you the service books.

With the help of our friends at Cellfservices, we were able to narrow down the issue a little further with feedback from customers who got their Torch unlocked. Here are some more facts:
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BlackBerry Torch Coming to Vodafone UK in Mid-September


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The Torch is an AT&T exclusive right now and it looks like the international sales will start to kick off around mid-September for both Canada with Rogers and the UK with Vodafone. While we don’t have an exact date, it’s good to know that it’s less than a month away. Perhaps it’s around then that we’ll also start to see BlackBerry 6 being rolled out to the Bold 9700 and other devices.

Goldman Sachs Calls BlackBerry Toch 9800 Launch Event Underwhelming


Goldman Sachs is calling the BlackBerry Torch launch “underwhelming” citing that there were virtually no retail stores sold out of the device. This isn’t anything new for RIM, as their devices don’t garner the same hype as other smartphone manufacturers and sales tend to accumulate over longer periods.

The firm noted that nearly all of the stores they called did not sell out of the device. Also the checks showed that the vast majority of Torch sales were driven by upgrades from existing BlackBerry subscribers.

It’s good to see that a lot of BlackBerry users are upgrading to the Torch because it’s a really solid device for those who have been BlackBerry users for a long time.

BlackBerry 6 Review and Guide: FAQ, Tips and Tricks and Impressions


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With the launch of the BlackBerry Torch from AT&T, consumers finally have their hands on BlackBerry 6 and we thought now a good time to publish an in-depth look at the new OS. If you’re a long time BlackBerry user, this OS will be very intuitive. BlackBerry 6 isn’t an entirely new experience, but rather a greatly improved experience over OS 5 with some new bells and whistles. Just like the Torch motto, BlackBerry 6 is “Less an evolutionary leap, more like a triple axel.”

The new BlackBerry 6 has several new features that make the BlackBerry experience faster, more streamlined and generally more fun. These new features can be grouped into the following categories:

Homescreen and User Interface
Universal Search
BlackBerry Messenger
Social Integration with Social Feeds
BlackBerry 6 Apps
Who is getting BlackBerry 6?

Hit the jump for a full breakdown of these new features and some insight as to what you can expect in BlackBerry 6.
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BlackBerry Torch Now Available from AT&T: Grab it for the Best Price


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The BlackBerry Torch went on sale today from AT&T and there are several places you can pick up a new device. The Torch is a pretty awesome BlackBerry, especially for those long time BlackBerry users. The new WebKit browser, slick touchscreen and slide-out keyboard brings the best of both Storm and Bold worlds together. If you pick one up, let us know what you think.

Here are some places where you can pick up a new BlackBerry Torch:

AT&T’s BlackBerry Torch 9800 will be available for $99.99 (new accounts and upgrades) at Wirefly.com.

Wal-Mart is offering the device for $99 on a new service plan and a $100 LetsTalk discount.

AT&T online is offering the BlackBerry Torch for $199 on a new 2 year service plan.

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