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The Need for Marketing Standards Across App Stores


A&T marketing requirements
The above shows some of the marketing requirements needed to submit to AT&T

Anyone who has a portfolio of apps and multiple sales channels knows the pain of submitting marketing assets. Whether it’s App World, Mobihand, AT&T, VCast or Rogers Mall, they all ask for their own ridiculous banner, splash and screenshot sizes. Many industries have benefited from clear standards, and the various app stores around the world need to come to an understanding of marketing standards as well. The computer peripheral market has benefited tremendously from adopting standards, so lets get the app stores on board with a set of standards as well; for everyone’s sake.
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Rumor: 3G BlackBerry PlayBook Coming Soon with LTE Version Soon After


playbook hands on

Rumor has it that a cell-enabled 3G PlayBook is coming in late March or early April. The source of the rumor also expects an LTE PlayBook “some time soon” after the release of the 3G PlayBook. These rumors seem plausible as we’ve already seen Sprint officially announce a 4G PlayBook. It’s not a stretch to think other carriers will offer a 3G and LTE version.

It’s not clear what version of the PlayBook will be the right one to purchase. Do you hold out for cellular connectivity? Or do you grab the WiFi version because it means you won’t need another dataplan? Either way, we’re getting one.

Explore the BlackBerry Torch in 3D Augmented Reality


The AT&T BlackBerry Torch is apparently selling really well and despite rumors that launch day wasn’t too successful, AT&T is putting a lot of marketing dollars behind the device. This is pretty typical with BlackBerry sales as we don’t see a huge launch day but rather steady sales as customers upgrade and renew their plans. The latest marketing initiative from AT&T is a Facebook app that lets you print out a sheet that is recognized by a web cam, and provides you with a 3D augmented reality view of the device. You can even view the Torch in different colors.

Check out the augmented reality Facebook app at AT&T’s BlackBerry page.

AT&T AppCenter Now Features GetJar App Store App



The AT&T AppCenter isn’t the best resource for downloading apps for your BlackBerry. Considering AT&T users have access to carrier billing through App World, it’s not clear why anyone would use it as a source for apps. The app prices are identical and the navigation isn’t as good as App World.

One of the latest moves that makes AppCenter even more convoluted is the addition of the GetJar app store as an app. It’s sort of like a puzzle wrapped in an enigma. More app distribution points are good because it gives users options and the ability to find the lowest price, but it also makes the app market complicated and frustrating for the less advanced users. Maybe GetJar and AT&T should have just found a way to merge their inventories.

AT&T Begins BlackBerry Torch 9800 Holiday Promotion: $99 on 2 Year


another blackberry torch pic

On Sunday, AT&T kicked off a holiday promotion for the BlackBerry Torch 9800, and they’re selling all colors (Charcoal, Sunset Red and White) for $99.99 on a new two year contract. If you’re looking for a solid BlackBerry, this could be a great promotion for you.

Check out AT&T’s site for more details.

Read our review of the Torch 9800.

RIM Releases a Few Details About the BlackBerry Torch OS Improvements


blackberry torch

We recently wrote about the official OS for the BlackBerry Torch and RIM has sent over a few vague yet helpful notes about the latest update. It’s hard to be motivated to update your OS when RIM or the carriers don’t tell you what has been improved, but it looks like .246 has some worthwhile improvements. Some of the performance improvements include:

  • Browser – faster page loading and improved panning
  • User input – handled more efficiently, improved responsiveness after unlocking device
  • Applications – faster launching, exiting and switching
  • Home Screen – faster rendering and smoother transitions when switching between panes
  • Media – faster rendering of thumbnails in picture application
  • Email/Messaging – faster and smoother scrolling in message list and when reading email
  • Voice- Software improvements for improved audio quality

To grab the update for your Torch, head over to blackberry.com/updates.