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Battle.net Mobile Authenticator for BlackBerry Increases Account Security for Blizzard Games


The Battle.net Mobile Authenticator for BlackBerry is an app for BlackBerry OS 5 and 6 that increases account security by adding an additional secure password to your login process.
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Ebay application for BlackBerry sneak peek


At the BlackBerry Developer conference we got a sneak peek at the upcoming ebay app for BlackBerry.

The app features a deal of the day where you can bid on the day’s hot item. Another great feature of the app is the ability to add a reminder to bid on an item, with a fully integrated calendar alert system.

If you’re an ebay fan, be sure to pick up this app when it goes live. We’ll keep you posted on pricing and release date, but so far all we know is it will be available in App World later this month.

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RIM remains interested in acquiring Nortel patents and assets



On Saturday, Nortel officially sold a portfolio of CDMA and next-generation LTE wireless assets to Swedish Ericsson. While RIM did not enter the Nortel bid officially, they’re still looking for ways to acquire some of Nortel’s technology.

However, we’ve learned today that RIM and Nortel have been in negotiations over other key patents related to the next-generation wireless business “for months.”

On Sunday, RIM reiterated that it “remains interested in acquiring certain Nortel assets,” without providing specifics.

All of this information leads me to believe that RIM will find a way to acquire the CDMA and LTE technology, required to future proof BlackBerry devices and keep costs low but not having to pay royalties for the technology.

The question is: what patents are left to be sold, and will they be enough for RIM’s long term strategy?



Roundup of Nortel bids: RIM exceeds highest bid by $375 million



At the moment, there are three major bidders for Nortel’s technology: RIM, Nokia and MatlinPatterson. RIM’s bid exceeds the leading bid by $375 million and Nortel is still dragging its feet. While Nortel is clearly holding off in the hopes of getting a better bid, it may hurt the company’s prospects in the end. If the company does not accept RIM’s bid, it stands to lose the $375 million and accept the next lowest bid. Lets take a look at all three bids:


RIM has offered to pay $1.1 billion US for Nortel’s CDMA and LTE technology. RIM is not only the largest bidder by far, but it is also a Canadian company, just like Nortel. Canadians can still remember when Nortel’s stock plunged and investors lost millions of dollars. It would be great to see this failed company pass along a Canadian made technology to a company that will employ Canadians and keep the investment local.


Nokia Siemens Networks, a joint European venture, has offered to bid $650 million. While they have said they would raise this bid, it is still $450 million short of what RIM is bidding.


MatlinPatterson is a US private equity firm who have offered to pay $725 million US. MatlinPatterson currently owns about 10 per cent of Nortel’s $4.2 billion US of debt. What’s nice about the MatlinPatterson offer, is that the company ultimately wants keep Nortel, a 127-year-old Canadian technology icon, intact as a single company.