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BlackBerry Jam Austin Attendees Share Some Thoughts About BlackBerry 10


We’re just wrapping up some video here from the BlackBerry Jam Tour that came through Austin, Texas. I had the chance to chat with some of the attendees at the show and get a feeling for what they like about BlackBerry 10 as well as a little about where they’re coming from. There’s a long road to BlackBerry 10 and RIM is making good of the time by visiting developers and seeding them with devices. Hopefully we’ll see some innovative apps by the time the first smartphones launch. Check out the two videos below.
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Showing Off BlackBerry 10 Sample Apps from BlackBerry Jam Austin


The BlackBerry Jam World Tour stopped by Austin, Texas, and Rashid of RIM took the time to demo some of the developer sample apps available for BlackBerry 10. These apps aren’t meant for consumers, but are meant as building blocks, tutorials and starting points for developers. For example, an app that showcases the physics of blowing away objects could be used as a simple animation for a menu screen. All of these applications can be made using public tools for the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device or simulator. Check out some sample apps below.
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Going to SXSW? Let’s Meet Up!



RIM is going to be at SXSW and so will BlackBerryCool. There probably won’t be much news on the BlackBerry side of things, and we’ll most likely get the same old PlayBook demo we’ve been seeing all over the Internet. We’ll also be covering the Interactive portion of SXSW and meeting with companies to find out what they’re up. Stay tuned on BlackBerryCool and read about some highly bloggable apps and services.

If you’re at the show, drop us a line at tips@blackberrycool.com.

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