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BlackBerry Curve 3G Announced in Australia, Indonesia and Malaysia


blackberry curve 3g

The BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300 is one of the less impressive BlackBerrys hitting the market but it should nonetheless be a hit. The Curve series has had an incredible sales record across North America due to its low price point and small, consumer friendly shape. The new 3G Curve will potentially be a big seller like the previous models, but offer a few incremental hardware upgrades.

In Australia, the BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300 will be available in Optus and Vodafone stores at the beginning of September and at 3 stores from October. The device will be available from Vodafone free on £25, 24 month price plans, including 500 minutes, unlimited texts, 500MB of data and email. In Indonesia and Malaysia the Curve 3G is expected to be available in September.

Keep on eye on RIM’s press section to see more Curve 3G announcements internationally.

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Virgin Blue Mobile Check-in App for BlackBerry Check-Mate


This news is a little old but Virgin Blue has launched a check-in app for BlackBerry called Check-Mate. The app lets Virgin Blue travelers in Australia to make flight bookings, changes and cancellations across the entire Virgin Blue domestic network from their BlackBerry. Check-Mate also allows you to select your seat and board via 2D barcode scanning. Boarding with your mobile is far more convenient and I’m looking forward to when paper is completely obsolete.

Check out the Virgin Blue app in App World.

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The cheapest BlackBerry Pearl 8110 to date available in Australia


BlackBerry 8110

Crazy John’s in Australia is offering the BlackBerry Pearl 8110 for free, with a $39 BlackBerry Service Cap. As with most plans, the headlines don’t tell the whole story.

The plan requires that you sign up for 2 years at a $40 per month, and with that you get unlimited email and internet. Be warned though, that calls are charged at 47 cents per 30 seconds, with a 35 cent initial charge.

While the calls are expensive, this truly is the best BlackBerry bundle deal we have seen to date. To get a BlackBerry Pearl 81XX from Wal-Mart, you need to sign on to a service plan of $99.99 per month or higher and in conjunction with any feature or bundle or any other plan option at least $24.99 per month or greater.


Australia gets EDGE and Telstra Blue Tick for the BlackBerry Bold


Vodafone EDGE

There’s some good news for the folks in Australia. Firstly, it seems that Vodafone Australia have finally upgraded their GPRS network to EDGE. Although EDGE isn’t necessarily blazing fast, it’s a huge improvement and Vodafone customers.

Another piece of good news for Australian BlackBerry users is that Telstra have announced that the BlackBerry Bold has been accredited with Telstra’s Blue Tick, which recommends devices for handheld use in metro, rural and regional areas. Users can upgrade their existing Bold devices, while new users will get Tick-ready devices out of the box.

[Special thanks goes to Brendan for the tip]

RIM listens to employee’s private calls UPDATED


robin bienfait

ZDNet Australia is reporting about RIM listening to employee’s phone calls. The news comes from an interview with RIM chief information officer Robin Bienfait, where she said that

BlackBerry maker Research in Motion admitted yesterday that it recorded all employee conversations in the interest of maintaining control over intellectual property.

RIM chief information officer Robin Bienfait, during an interview with ZDNet.com.au in Sydney, said that all actions carried out on RIM’s internal network were logged, which meant that people who wanted to carry out private conversations might want to bring in personal devices.

“Everything I have that’s on RIM is recorded and retained as RIM. So if they want to have a chat with somebody and it’s not a chat that’s within RIM’s domain, then they may want their own personal device,” she said.

When asked exactly whether it was conversations, rather than just written information she kept tabs on, Bienfait answered: “Everything. I record everything.”

This is obvious to anyone who follows the BlackBerry space because you need to keep leaks and security information under control. RIM goes to great lengths to make sure that it can offer a secure smartphone to its customers and it can’t have people giving out private info.

So although you may think RIM is being Big Brother, it’s an important element in keeping our devices so pro.

Here is a little side rumor – I heard that RIM once tracked down a device leak based on the grain of the desk in the photo that was published on the forums.



[UPDATE: This story is inaccurate in that RIM does not record employee phone calls. Robin Bienfait’s comments, which originally appeared in ZDNet Australia, were intended to describe a capability that exists with RIM’s BlackBerry MVS technology. This technology allows companies to record both voice and data based conversations, which is particularly useful for RIM’s customers in regulated industries that require such ability, but Ms. Bienfait did not intend to suggest that RIM itself records employee phone calls.

RIM has deployed an internal beta test of its latest MVS technology to a subset of employees and Ms. Bienfait intended to convey that RIM was recording data that is transmitted over voice channels (ie. SMS messages) as well as data channels (ie. email messages and IM chat sessions), but RIM is not recording the phone calls of the employees involved in the beta test or any other employees.]

Vodafone Australia Announces BlackBerry Storm Pricing


In an attempt to get their subscribers excited prior to the BlackBerry Storm release, Vodafone Australia has released pricing information for the device. Voda Australia will sell the Storm for free on a two year contract, with Internet Caps ranging from $70 to $150. Customers will be able to purchase the Storm starting December 1st. For more information, visit the website below: