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Did BlackBerry’s QNX Connected Car Miss A Cross-Platform Opportunity?


YOU.i is a company that specializes in User Interface design and User Experience. The company has recently announced a cross-platform, connected car concept called The HIVE, that has some interesting implications for companies like QNX. YOU.i even calls BlackBerry out specifically, saying “companies like BlackBerry owned QNX missed a big opportunity at CES.” It’s an interesting point and BlackBerry could very well be going in this direction. BBM and BES 10 are both cross-platform, and QNX going cross-platform with infotainment is surely part of the plan.
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VCMS App Turns Your PlayBook Into A Slick In-Car Dashboard


It’s cool to see theme companies expanding what they do from just themes into other realms of mobile and Hedone has done just that. The company began making premium themes and now has a PlayBook app meant for use inside your vehicle. The app provides a dashboard that gives speed, heading, lat and long and more.
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Startup Showcase: Eliminate Car Purchasing Headaches With Unhaggle #startupfest


Watch this intro video for Unhaggle.com.

Unhaggle is a cool startup that aims to make the car purchasing process much easier. The traditional way of buying a car involved figuring out what car you want, researching typical costs of said car, and then physically going to dealerships to find a good deal. The process took a long time and if you’re approached by some pushy car salesmen, you could walk off the lot with a different car than the one you wanted. Unhaggle.com flips the marketplace around and aims to make the dealers compete for your business. According to the site:

Unhaggle was built to empower car buyers. We take the mystery out of getting the best deal while you enjoy exceptional customer service (satisfaction guaranteed). We work with progressive and reputable dealers who share the same beliefs. Your identity and information is always protected throughout our secured online process.

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Renault Concept Car Features the BlackBerry PlayBook


Ahead of the 64th Frankfurt Motor Show, Renault revealed details of its latest concept car, FRENDZY, and how the BlackBerry PlayBook fits into its design. The FRENDZY was created as a commercial business vehicle that can also serve as a comfortable passenger car. The PlayBook completes this design as it connects directly into the centre console, and gives the driver easy access to the tablet. By the way the lazer beams surround the car and enter PlayBook, the company seems to be suggesting that you’ll be able to control elements of the car with the PlayBook and they’re somehow connected. Perhaps Renault is working with QNX and all of this will be integrated.

Read more about the PlayBook and the Renault concept car in the press release.

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VQ Mileage Tracker Downloaded Over 250,000 Times and Adds Outlook Integration


VQ Mileage Tracker

It’s great when developers share download numbers because it gives you an idea of what you could be making as a developer for BlackBerry, and helps dispel the myth that you can’t have a business making BlackBerry apps. VQ Mileage Tracker has announced that they’ve been downloaded over 250,000 times. The download number is likely including all those who downloaded the free trial but it’s still a really great number. Assuming they had a decent conversion rate, the company made a decent amount of money off the BlackBerry app alone.

Also announced is VQ Mileage Tracker’s new integration with Microsoft Outlook. The app will now automatically add Outlook Calendar events to user’s mileage tracking reports.

VQ Mileage Tracker is currently priced on BlackBerry App World at $9.99 on promotion. The app works on all current BlackBerry models that have built-in GPS and run BlackBerry OS version 4.7 or higher.

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QNX Software Syncs Up Concept Corvette with BlackBerry PlayBook and More


The QNX OS is a versatile platform and while we have seen the PlayBook pairing already, it’s even better to see it in a super-charged car such as a concept Corvette. WIRED took the concept Corvette for a spin and showed off how the car can sync with a PlayBook tablet, BlackBerry smartphone, iPhone and internet services with the car’s own electronics. If you spend a long time commuting, it wouldn’t be a problem getting stuck in traffic with this many gadgets.

More video from Wired available here.

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