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PhantomALERT Uses Crowd-Sourcing to Alert You of Speed Traps, Cameras and More


BlackBerry App Version 1 – Speed Trp Alert in VA

PhantomALERT is an app available in App World that is a driver/crowd-sourced database of speed traps, red light cameras, speed cameras, school zones, DUI checkpoints, dangerous intersections and more across North America. The app alerts you if it detects that you’re approaching a point of interest and lets you react accordingly. There is a similar app right now on the market called Trapster, which has over 10,000,000 users, and it’s not clear which one provides more accurate readings for your area. In the end, it’s a crowd-sourced initiative so it depends how active your local community is for the respective app.
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CES 2011: QNX Demos Concept Car with PlayBook Integration


At CES 2011, QNX had a concept car with their embedded OS and support for the PlayBook, BlackBerry and iPhone. The PlayBook demonstration was dipped in weak sauce and really only showed climate controls and some basic media player functionality. Other than that, the demo showed some pretty basic support for short text-based messages and a cross-platform user interface which could be embedded in a variety of different car models.

If this sort of system is going to work, it’s going to have to have a lot in the way of voice controls. You can’t have drivers using a touchscreen while driving. Also, RIM is going to have to figure out how the PlayBook, BlackBerry and car are all going to communicate email, calendar and app information so that it’s of use to the driver.

Ford Announces MyFord Mobile App to Monitor Electric Charge and More


myford mobile

Ford has announced a new smartphone app that’s available to BlackBerry users and will likely complement the unannounced Ford Focus Electric. The app has a wide range of features but is mainly going to be used to monitor the car’s charge. Other features include the ability to find your car via GPS, remotely unlock/lock the doors, and download performance and system data about your vehicle. Features of the MyFord Mobile app include:
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Ford Sync AppLink Coming Factory-Installed to Mustang Series


ford sync applink

The 2012 Ford Mustang is the next vehicle in line for the SYNC AppLink system that connects your smartphone to your var via voice control. Also featured in the upcoming Mustang will be AppLink integrated with Ford’s optional Voice-Activated Navigation System.

A few weeks ago, Ford announced AppLink as a download exclusively for 2011 Ford Fiesta owners, and it looks like they’ll be rolling it out for more models as the years move on. Currently, AppLink supports popular mobile apps such as Pandora, Stitcher and OpenBeak.

Ford Announces AppLink to Give Drivers Voice Controlled Apps


ford sync applink

Ford has announced that AppLink, a new sync solution for smartphones, will be available as a free download beginning with 2011 Ford Fiesta owners. Ford has also announced that AppLink is compatible with all major smartphones and allows you to interact with popular apps such as Pandora, Stitcher and OpenBeak. Currently, only Ford Fiesta 2011 owners will have access to AppLink, but it will surely roll out in more vehicles soon after. To get the AppLink update added to your account, head over to syncmyride.com.

QNX and RealVNC Team up for Terminal Mode: BlackBerry Automotive Integration


Terminal Mode is a cool system based on RealVNC’s technology that uses VNC protocol to duplicate your BlackBerry’s screen on the car’s head unit to allow you access to mobile apps and content while on the road. The system bills itself as a safe solution but is it really all that safe? Why would staring at a car’s head unit be any more safe than looking at a BlackBerry screen? Granted, you have to strain your eyes a little less, but it’s not exactly Heads Up Display. Even though the system may not truly be safer, it’s definitely cool. You can play your BlackBerry’s music while using the native music controls, and navigation apps would really come to life with something like this.

More details available from RealVNC.