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Live birth twittered by BlackBerry


Baby with BlackBerry

Good luck trying to get a coherent sentence out of a mother giving birth, but surely the dad has a few interesting things running through his mind while he watches the whole thing go down. Kieran Hawe from MTV was pounding away on his BlackBerry while his wife was in labour with twins, followed shortly thereafter with mobile pictures uploaded right from the BlackBerry. Now, there’s two ways you can take something like this: either you see a great new way to share a happy experience with friends, family and the world, or as technology turning a new father into an obnoxious paparazzi who’s ruining what should be a private moment. It’s certainly a tough call, and one that will differ from person to person. Another couple had even video recorded the birth of their kids live from mobile. Is that something you would be okay with? How big of a role does BlackBerry play in growing this kind of web 2.0 awareness?

(via Silicon Alley Insider)

Full twittered transcript of child birth behind the jump…