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Zeebu Mobile Demos Baby GO for the BlackBerry PlayBook


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At the BlackBerry Developer Group in Ottawa, Anthony Rizk demonstrated how easy it is to create an app for the PlayBook using the Adobe AIR SDK. Zeebu has posted a video of Zeebu’s Baby GO running on the BlackBerry PlayBook simulator. According to Anthony, this took about 4 hours of work, including time figuring out the tools and packaging the output from Flash Professional CS5. The app also plays audio, but unfortunately they couldn’t get audio output working in the simulator.

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What Apps Are Going to Perform Well on the BlackBerry PlayBook?


blackberry playbook

The BlackBerry PlayBook is due to arrive in Q1 of 2011 and a lot of developers are plugging away at the SDK and thinking about what apps they’re going to build. At the BlackBerry Developer Group meeting here in Ottawa, Canada last night, we got a demonstration of the SDK by Anthony Rizk, founder of Zeebu Mobile and author of Beginning BlackBerry. The SDK looks incredibly simple and if your application is very graphics heavy (as is the case with BabyGO!), then porting your app to the PlayBook looks like a breeze. According to Anthony, writing the BabyGO! app for BlackBerry took about 2 weeks of development time, compared to about 4 hours for the PlayBook. Also, this 4 hours includes learning how to use the Flash tools which he had never used before.

But will BabyGO! be the type of app that users will be looking for when the PlayBook launches? Consider this: the PlayBook is launching after Christmas when most consumers who are interested in a tablet will have already purchased one. Those who are going to pick up a tablet will most likely be in enterprise, since it’s BES ready and a lot of employees who were normally locked out of the tablet market due to IT policies, will be able to bring their PlayBook on the network and start playing. A lot of these devices will still be locked down and in some organizations they may not be able to use any apps at all. There will also be a huge segment of users who don’t care about the iPad and are waiting for a PlayBook because they know their gadgets and they’re confident they’re buying a superior product.
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What You May Have Missed Last Week on BlackBerryCool



Over the past week we’ve seen the launch of two new BlackBerrys including the BlackBerry Style and the Bold 9780. The BlackBerry Style is a unique flip form factor coupled with a full QWERTY keyboard. The Bold 9780 is a refresh to the Bold 9700, and while it’s nothing new form factor wise, it’s all the goodness from the 9700 with a slight spec boost. Be sure to check out the PlayBook news too.
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BabyGO! and Super BabyGO! Gets Halloween Letters Activity


super baby go halloween letters

Zeebu Mobile let us know that they’ve just pushed out a Halloween Letters activity for free to all the BabyGO! and Super BabyGO! users. It’s a spooky version of their letters activity in English, and it’s compatible for all devices (OS 4.2+) right up to the Torch. Each letter in the activity is also a picture of something Halloween-y that starts with that letter. Happy Halloween!

Get BabyGO! free in App World

Get it in app world

Grab Super BabyGO! for $4.99

Get it in app world
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BlackBerry Apps for Expecting Moms: BirthBerry and KickBerry


BabyBerry Apps is a site for apps for moms-to-be. Currently, the site features 2 apps: BirthBerry and KickBerry.

BirthBerry is a contraction timer app that will time your contractions with just a click. The app will calculate all the stats you need to know how labor is progressing. Plus, BirthBerry can automatically notify your doctor, family and friends to keep everyone up-to-date about the progress of your labor. When your baby arrives, you can send a birth announcement (with picture) right from the app.

KickBerry counts your baby’s movements, by getting you to click and increase the count each time you feel a kick. Every time you feel your baby kick, click any key to increase the count. KickBerry keeps track of how long it takes you to get to 10 movements. KickBerry also lets you know when you’ve passed the one-hour and two-hour marks.
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CEO Zeebu Mobile Dan Gagliardi on Business News Network


In a segment that BNN calls “BlackBerry for Babies”, Zeebu Mobile’s Dan Gagliardi talks about their product BabyGo, and its success in App World. While the product is available for iPhone, it was interesting to see the focus remain on BlackBerry. According to IDC Canada, Zeebu Mobile Inc. is one of the top 10 software companies to watch.

Watch Zeebu Mobile on Business News Network.
Check out Zeebu’s free app BabyGo in App World.
If you’re a fan of the free app, you’ll definitely want to check out the premium version Super Baby GO!

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