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Zeebu Mobile add Christmas content to BabyGO! and Super BabyGO!



Zeebu Mobile have posted a Christmas content pack over the weekend which has gone out to all the latest users of BabyGO! (version 1.1.3) and Super BabyGO! (all versions). When you boot up your copy, you should see a new activity called “Christmas” appear in the list of activities. This is a fun way to get your kids introduced to Christmas and get them excited for the upcoming day.

BabyGO! and SuperBabyGO! are available on App World. More information from the Zeebu Mobile site.

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Zeebu Mobile launch Super BabyGO! with 25 copies to give away



Super BabyGO! is the latest update to the BabyGO! franchise by Zeebu Mobile. The first version of the app, is a free sample of how the game works, and this version has some great new features you and your kid would like.

Once downloaded, the app locks the BlackBerry and lets your 0-2 year old push the keys and hear the corresponding sound. The app also features a growing section of downloadable content to keep things fun. Instead of letters and numbers, it can deliver cute animals as well as multiple languages.

Super BabyGO! is available for $5.99, or on a free trial. You can get more details and download information from their site. Also, Super BabyGO! is soon to be in App World so feel free to check it out then.

The folks at Zeebu Mobile are also providing 25 licenses to winners who comment and tell us “what games/toys your kids love to play with.” We’ll select 25 winners at random and email them licenses.

Click through for some pretty funny video of a kid getting a kick out of the app

BabyGO! featured in BlackBerry App World



Getting featured in App World is one of the best things that can happen to your app. It gives you great exposure and users can find your application without clicking through to categories.

BabyGO! was first seen on BlackBerry Cool and it’s an application like no other. The app locks down the device so you can give it to your child and let them play with it. It has an element of education to it, as the app says the letters that your kid presses, allowing them to absorb the alphabet at a young age.

What would be interesting to measure, is the number of downloads that occur by word-of-mouth. While being featured on App World can result in a surge of downloads from users hitting App World, there is also surely an effect from friends recommending the application once they have tried it. BabyGO! seems like the type of application that would be especially helped by the word-of-mouth factor as parents are constantly sharing advice and parenting tips.

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BabyGo by Zeebu is a free and healthy BlackBerry app for babies


Have you ever been around a baby or child and watched them grab for your BlackBerry? We place so much attention and value on our BlackBerry devices and children recognize this. In the same way that kids love handling money because of its value to their parents, they love playing with a BlackBerry too.

The folks at Zeebu have made a free application that is unique in that it focuses on babies and children as their target market. BabyGo is a free app that is not only fun for your child, but healthy too!

The application is simple: load the app, give the device to your baby and let them play with it. The letters on the keyboard respond with the relative audio and visuals. Press the letter ‘a’ and hear a cute voice say “a.” The above video shows you just how simple and fun the app can be. You don’t have to worry about accidental emails or calls either. All keys are intercepted so your device is protected.

We pay so much attention to our BlackBerry devices and now, just as we teach our kids to share, we too can share our toys.

To get started, visit http://babygo.zeebu.com/download on your BlackBerry Browser.

For Storm users, visit http://babygo.zeebu.com/download/storm/.

You can also visit their homepage for more information or to have the application emailed to you.