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Do not drink and drive! BAC Finder for BlackBerry keeps you legal



Although we’re a long way away from the BlackBerry being able to be used as an actual breathalyzer, there is a simple algorithm that can calculate your BAC based on some simple data.

BAC Finder for BlackBerry uses this algorithm to easily calculate your blood alcohol content. By inputting your gender, weight, how long you have been drinking, as well as what you have been drinking, BAC Finder will give you your blood alcohol content.

Features include:

  • Quick and accurate blood alcohol content calculation.
  • 25 common drinks to choose from.
  • Default settings to make your life easier.
  • 25 background choices to personalize your application.
  • (Background color only available on some models)

This application can be replicated by visiting a website from your device, but if you drive a lot and often meet clients for a beer, this app can help.

BAC Finder is available for $2.99.