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Data Usage Demystified: Free Network Traffic Control for BlackBerry


The BlackBerry platform has always been good about sipping data. If you’re ever curious about how much data you’re putting through you phone, give Network Traffic Control by S4BB a try for free.
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Improving mobile network speeds from an end user perspective



EDITORS NOTE: This article was provided by Flash Networks to demonstrate how their optimization techniques speed up mobile browsing.

Only one-third of mobile Internet users are satisfied with the user experience. Speed of response is the number one complaint. As a result, operators are continuously competing to advertise the fastest download rates and invest significant resources in upgrading their networks. How much of this investment is really reflected in the end user experience?

Available bandwidth vs. actual speed

Research conducted in the UK in June 2009 by broadband benchmarking firm, Epitiro, revealed that the average download rate in high speed networks (HSDPA) in the UK is just under 1 Mbit/s (0.9 Mbit/s, to be exact), only 24% of the advertised download speed and 34% slower than speeds achieved on equivalent ADSL broadband services.

While bandwidth dramatically increases as networks evolve, website download time is not reduced to the same extent. In a comparison of HSDPA 7.2 with HSDPA 3.6, download time was reduced by only 6% (based on lab results from large Asia Pacific mobile operator), demonstrating that bandwidth is not the main bottleneck anymore.
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BlackBerry in Nigeria part 2 – productivity, iPhone and bandwidth


[ED NOTE: The following has been submitted by our BlackBerry Cool correspondent in Nigeria, Temitope Smolaso Olufoye. The article is an update from his first article regarding BlackBerry in Nigeria.]

The BlackBerry device I use here in Nigeria is the BlackBerry 8100. Owning a BlackBerry in Nigeria gives me an incredible advantage. Although other phones have better cameras than the BlackBerry, I find the 8100 camera very useful. The company I work for is called Begro Geological Consultants, and we often need to attach pictures to our reports. Since I am using 8100, I can take pictures with my 8100 and attach them easily to reports. This is just one example of how owning a BlackBerry in Nigeria has helped me.

My company also benefits from my BlackBerry ownership because we often gets requests for proposals, and we don’t have a laptop. Life isn’t easy here in Nigeria and things don’t come easily, but we maximize everything that comes our way. When we get a proposal request, we immediately start writing all of our ideas on our BlackBerry, before transferring to a PC. I’m not saying other handhelds can’t do this, but it is both cheaper and easier for me to do it on a BlackBerry.
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