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BlackBerry Achievement Awards 2013 Winners Announced


The BlackBerry Achievement Awards (formerly the Wireless Achievement Awards) recognize excellence in entrepreneurship and development on the BlackBerry platform. This years winners were announced in Orlando Florida during the BlackBerry Live conference. Continue reading ‘BlackBerry Achievement Awards 2013 Winners Announced’

Zeus Trojan Spotted on BlackBerry Devices in Europe


BlackBerry has been fortunate enough to be relatively free of these sorts of stories for a long time, but now some relatively isolated reports of a few variants of the Zeus trojan are starting to be seen in the wild in Germany, Spain and Italy.
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CIBC Launches Mobile Brokerage App for Mobile Stock Trading and Account Monitoring


CIBC mobile brokerage app

CIBC has launched a really cool Mobile Brokerage app that keeps you connected to your investments and lets you trade while on the go. The app gives you secure access to your CIBC brokerage accounts, and lets you monitor your portfolio, get quotes and check your account balances and holdings. And, if you’re a self-directed investor, you can trade stocks on the go. Features of the app include:
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RBC Banking App Now Available for Curve, Bold and Tour Devices


rbc banking app

RBC has launched a banking app for BlackBerry that lets you pay bills, transfer funds, check account balances, use Interac Email Money Transfers and locate branches and ATMs. TD Canada Trust has a banking app too, but the app requires the browser and it would be nice to have a native experience. We’re not sure if this app is a web link or not but either way it’s good to have a mobile banking solution from RBC.

What’s a little strange is that the app isn’t up in App World. You would think that they would want to get the most downloads possible and App World would be the best place for this. Either App World’s approval process takes too long and they rushed it on their own site, or maybe they don’t know about App World and the benefits of distributing through them. Hit the jump for the download info.
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Bank of America and Citigroup Testing Other Smartphones



Several sites have noted that Bank of America might be dropping BlackBerry as their primary smartphone. This is a strange move considering financial institutions are one of the most important institutions to focus on security, along with government and defense. If the financial sector isn’t going to take security seriously, and use a smartphone that is built from the ground up to keep important data safe, how are we to trust these institutions with our money?

The fact that these institutions are allowing other smartphones on the network may be bad for RIM’s revenues or it might not. Bank of America for example, is allowing the shift to start in trials, and while the company has a lot of employees, the smartphone industry is growing at a rate that far outpaces the number of these employees shifting.

Does it worry you that your bank may be using a less secure smartphone?

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TD Canada Trust Launch Mobile Banking App


App World is featuring the TD Bank app right now in their carousel and the app is pretty decent. The app currently forces you to a mobile site in order to do your banking, which slows down the app tremendously. Ideally, everything would be contained within the application, allowing you to pay bills and check your balances very quickly. Another downside of being pushed to a web page is that you must constantly re-enter your password. While it may add another layer of security, this could be avoided by placing a password on the application itself.
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