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President Obama reads a daily devotional on his BlackBerry


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Technology and religion have often been seen as near mutually exclusive. Religion looks to lessons learned a few millennium ago, while technology is constantly trying to replace old understandings of this world with new ones. On the other hand, technology and religion go incredibly well together in that religion has a foundation of communication, which technology is making leaps and bounds in.

President Barack Obama is a great example of how technology and religion are symbiotic. Each morning, Obama reads a devotional on his BlackBerry.

“I pray all the time now — because I’ve got a lot of stuff on my plate and I need guidance all the time,” he said with a laugh during an interview with ABC’s Nightline that was aired Thursday night.

Obama said he receives his daily devotional from Joshua DuBois, his director of faith and neighborhood initiatives.

“That’s how I start my morning. You know, he’s got a passage, scripture, in some cases quotes from other faiths to reflect on. This is something where you just hope that you are aligning your work with His purposes and that you’re attuned to the needs of the people you’re there to serve,” he said. ”

For those looking for a good Bible App, LifeChurch.TV have a free Bible for your BlackBerry. You can download it OTA from youversion.com/bb.



Get the latest White House news from iHeartRadio



There’s a new channel for iHeartRadio called White House Brief which provides quick news on White House and Obama events.

The news is brief so you can listen to it while commuting to work, on the go, etc.

BlackBerry users can get iHeartRadio and the channel at iheartradio.com.

iheartradio is available for the BlackBerry Pearl, Curve (including 8900), Bold and Storm.


Excerpts from Kasper Hauser’s “Obama’s BlackBerry”



President Barack Obama is an avid BlackBerry user and in a recent book published by Kasper Hauser, we get a hilarious look at what his message folder might look like.

The San-Fransisco comedy troupe, Kasper Hauser, have compiled and published a collection of messages between Mr. Obama and his various presidential colleagues, including Vice President Joe Biden, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The messages aren’t real and it’s all in the name of comedy. The BlackBerry software from Genesis Key, as well as the NSA, would never let these messages actually be published. It’s all just fun and jokes.

Here are some excerpts from the book

Barack Obama to get NSA top secret secure BlackBerry 8830


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Barack Obama is getting a “souped-up, high security BlackBerry for use in and around the White House and during presidential travel.” The device is a BlackBerry 8830 World Edition, with some incredible security tweaks to make sure Kim Jong Il isn’t listening in on his conversations.

Washington-based Genesis Key developed the special security software for Obama’s new 8830, called SecureVoice, which will presumably run alongside the traditional BlackBerry OS. Officials from the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA), the White House Communications Agency (part of the Pentagon’s Defense Information Systems Agency), Research In Motion (RIM) and Genesis Key all collaborated on Barack Obama’s presidential BlackBerry.

The security software was designed to provide access to NSA top secret information. In order for the BlackBerry to access this information, which is the highest grade of security classification, the software was required to be incredibly robust. The software not only works on Obama’s BlackBerry, but is compatible with any 8830 or BlackBerry Curve 83xx. This does not mean it will be available to consumers, but rather it’s needed to be able to communicate with other SecureVoice enabled devices.

Don’t expect any leaked screenshots!


[Al Sacco Via]

Barack Obama meets with local BlackBerry software company


Barack Obama came to Ottawa and was just around the corner from BlackBerryCool headquarters. He passed by Rove, a mobile IT admin software solution provider, and they wrote about it on their blog:

We knew President Obama was in town. Some of the downtown streets had been blocked off, and the transit system had been affected. But we never expected the US President to make his way down to the historic Byward Market, where we work.

As soon as we saw the commotion, many of us grabbed our coats and ran downstairs, hoping for a glimpse of the President through the darkened windows of his limousine. Well, we got our wish–and more!

To our surprise, the President’s motorcade stopped a few feet away from the front door of our office building. While President Obama shopped for souvenirs (a key chain, Canadian maple leaf cookies and even an ObamaTail), we joined the assembled crowd to greet him.

The President was tremendously gracious to all of us. He took time to smile, chat, sign autographs and shake hands. A few lucky Rove employees were able to get close enough to shake his hand and take pictures (like the one you see above).

I think it’s safe to say that this Thursday, February 19 2009, was a day many of us will never forget. Seeing the President of the United States up close is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Once again, we were reminded how lucky we are to work in such a great part of the city.



Barack Obama’s BlackBerry


These days I’ve been thinking about how Obama can help the economy and it’s not through a stimulus package. Obama will save the economy just by branding all things American with the Obama seal of approval. Take for example my hometown, Obama was there yesterday and people drove for miles just to catch a glimpse of him (they didn’t).
Apparently, stores were selling out of everything from Obama t-shirts to Obama chilli. In light of this, Obama should work with RIM to make a custom BlackBerry. If he did, it would look something like the above pic.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Rove, a BlackBerry mobile IT admin software company, got to say hi and some employees even shook his hand. More details in a sec.

Here are some of the buttons on Obama’s BlackBerry:
3. Press to play prerecorded “Love to, but this term’s no good” response to Senator McCain lunch request.
6. Alarm flashes if Malia and Sasha are jumping on Lincoln’s bed.
7. Push to get Rahm Emanuel’s Wisecrack of the Day.
11. Tap once to activate C.I.A. briefing. Tap twice to activate C.I.A.-briefing lie detector.
13. Automatic alert beeps if Al Gore is within one mile of White House.
19. Press to refresh current Cabinet roster.