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Conclusions testing the BlackBerry Storm2 battery life



While testing the Storm2 battery didn’t go as well as testing the Bold 9700 battery, it was way better than the Internet haters would have you believe. The Storm2’s battery lasted 14 hours under some pretty grueling conditions. I was using voice, WiFi, streaming music, loading maps, running 3G and using the camera, all in that 14 hour period.

So I have to say, for all those complaining the Storm2 battery is awful, I personally did not have that experience. If I had taken even a few simple steps to prolonging the battery life, I probably could have doubled its life.

On that note, here are some tips for making sure your Storm2, and any BlackBerry battery, lasts longer:
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Testing the BlackBerry Storm2 battery life



UPDATE: The battery fully died at around quarter after 01:00 meaning the total battery life under heavy usage was 14 hours.

UPDATE: It is 21:56, almost 11 hours into the test and the battery is at 15%. In the last 7 hours, I’ve used the device way more than usual. I have been using voice quite a bit which we all know sucks up battery. I’ve also taken a few pictures, used BlackBerry Maps a few times just poking around and I’ve streamed music for about an hour.

UPDATE: As DavidB points out, it’s just over 5 hours into the test and we’re at 85%. This isn’t great considering I haven’t been doing much on the device. I’ve been pretty busy at the office so it’s just taking in data. I checked out App World a few times, downloaded a theme but didn’t install it and listened to music while I went and got a coffee.

When we did the BlackBerry Bold 9700 battery test, we got some really incredible results. The Bold’s battery proved to last 29 hours under some intense usage conditions. With the radio turned off and music playing, it went a whopping 39 hours. Well many of you were interested to see how long the Storm2’s battery would last, so lets check it out.

We’re going to test the BlackBerry Storm2 under similar conditions as the Bold 9700. This means:

The official start time is 11:00AM EST. I’ll update this post every few hours so you know how the test is going. Once we’re done, we can compare with other BlackBerry devices.

RIM’s official specs on the battery:

  • Standby time: GSM: 12.7 days (305 hours), UMTS: 11.7 days (280 hours), CDMA: 11.2 days (270 hours)
  • Talk Time: GSM: 5 hours, UMTS: 6 hours, CDMA: 5.5 hours

A note that might affect the test: this BlackBerry Storm2 is running 3G and roaming on the Bell/TELUS network. Also, the device is running OS

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Conclusions from testing the BlackBerry Bold 9700 battery



Testing the BlackBerry Bold 9700 battery has been an interesting experience. I always thought consumer electronics manufacturers embellished their battery life expectancies in order to impress the buyer. In this case, RIM has actually slightly under-stated the Bold 9700’s battery life, and really proved themselves to be an honest company when it comes to their battery life marketing. Could we say the same for Apple? I challenge TIPB to do the same with the iPhone, and see if it can play 39 hours of music off radio and last 29 hours with heavy usage. Speaking of Apple…the BlackBerry Bold 9700 lasts longer than the best iPod.
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Stress Test: How long can the BlackBerry Bold 9700 play music? (Part 2)



UPDATE: The Bold 9700 battery just died. The BlackBerry Cool official time is 19:22, exactly 29 hours. This is 29 hours while using the device heavily. Let’s see an iPhone do that!

UPDATE: 16:19 and 26 hours into the test, with 10% battery left. Part 2 of the test has sort of changed. It started off as a test of the music playback under more strenuous network conditions and has turned into a test of how long the battery will last under power user conditions. I’ve been playing music, tweeting, taking pics, using Google Maps, running several other apps simultaneously, making and taking calls and constantly pulling data from both Maps and Twitter. There was a break when I went to sleep but I left all the connections and apps running so it was still very much active.

UPDATE: 14:16, 24 hours into the test, and the battery is at 25%. Something I’ve noticed is that making calls depletes the battery much faster than anything else. I knew this intuitively but the test really made it obvious. Streaming music doesn’t seem to have much impact on battery life at all.

UPDATE: 10:40 went through the night and we’ve been back on WiFi, radio for a couple hours. At 30% and around 20 hours we’re definitely going a full day no problem.

UPDATE: It’s 02:29, 12 hours into the test. The batter reads 40% and I have been using a very decent amount of apps and data. Holding the BlackBerry Button, it shows the following apps: Messages, UberTwitter, Home Screen, BlackBerry Messenger, Media, Radio Companion, Setup Wizard (I switch devices a lot), Visual Voice Mail, Google Maps, Browser, Gmail and Phone. I’m going to give the updates a rest until around 8 AM.
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Recent Etisalat update drains the BlackBerry battery significantly



Steve just posted about the most recent Etisalat update having some strange code but there’s more to this update. UAE customers are upset because apparently this official Etisalat upgrade significantly reduces the battery life of the device.

“The problem came up when they sent a new batch to enhance the performance but instead they have killed all blackberry batteries by activating a process inside the phone which empties the battery in less than an hour if not charged,” complained a frustrated BlackBerry customer in the country who wished to remain anonymous.

“All our company employees who installed this batch file has been affected. They claim they are working on it, and the time frame to send a fix is said to be 7 days,” our source added.

So far, the only solution Etisalat is offering involves some basic battery maintenance. This means powering off your device, fully charging the battery, and powering on the device. In general, you should be draining the battery fully and charging fully at least once per month. There’s no word yet if another upgrade will be issued to solve the battery drainage.

Could this battery drainage have something to do with the strange “intercept” code found in the most recent update?


The BlackBerry Gemini 8520 battery casing issues


I’ve been trying out the BlackBerry Gemini 8520 and I cannot for the life of me open the battery casing.

It may be that I don’t have enough calcium in my diet or it could also be that this battery casing is blogger-proof. Either way, my fingers are crossed that this changes before the device hits the market.

On a side note, don’t bother complaining about the video quality. I use a BlackBerry to take all my video and device pictures. I refuse to use an extra device. This isn’t BlackBerryandaCamcorder Cool.

Stay tuned because I’ll have a full review of the device up soon.