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BlackBerry 10 Design Flaw: Gestures on Lock Creates Pocket Dialing Problems



The new BlackBerry 10 OS has a feature that starts off seeming pretty cool, but it turns out it’s actually a pretty terrible design flaw. When we first saw BB10, it was really cool to see the device get woken up with a gesture swipe. The OS even does this fun thing where it wakes the device up right at your finger tip, revealing the homescreen in a gradient fashion. But after using BB10 for over 7 months and having the most pocket dials in my entire life, I can tell you it’s definitely a design flaw.
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Why Does Anyone Use BlackBerry Music or iTunes for That Matter?


With so many music and video Discovery services out there where content is readily available for free, why does anyone use BlackBerry Music or any media service that is currently selling digital downloads for anywhere between $1 and $20?

From a BlackBerry user’s perspective, it not only seems like I’m being ripped off, but it also affects the user experience. BlackBerry World is now cluttered with Top Albums, Top Movies, and Top TV Episodes. It’s sort of like Viagra emails. There’s someone out there that is getting Viagra spam, clicking the links, purchasing Viagra and thus feeding the spammers who in turn send out more emails. If everyone would just stop purchasing, the market would have to adjust and we’d see more services offering subscription-based music, video and content.
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Cheerleading on CTV News for the Canadian Launch of the BlackBerry Q5



I was on CTV News recently “cheerleading” for the BlackBerry Q5 launch. Here’s the thing: it’s not necessarily cheerleading even though this site is called BlackBerryCool.com. It’s trying to present an argument counter to what has become a mainstream news approach to covering BlackBerry as a company. Sure, North American sales are way down and marketshare isn’t doing well. The stock price sucks too. But this is an enormous market and a mid-tier phone with a solid OS and a renowned keyboard makes a lot of sense.

Watch the video by clicking the thumbnail or hitting this CTV News link.

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13 Bugs With the BlackBerry Z10 That Need Fixing


I’ve had a BlackBerry Z10 now since the launch in NYC and while it’s a fun touchscreen device, there are still, to this day, bugs in the OS that give me headaches. Perhaps BlackBerry needs to invest more money in QA, or perhaps I just have some weird magnetic field around my body that breaks technology. Either way, if other, less forgiving users, had the same headaches I’ve been getting with a device, they would probably be switching to another device or platforms. I’ve documented just 13 of the common headaches I’ve been getting with my Z10 and keep in mind, these are all still happening to this day, even on the latest OS There are some I haven’t documented but could describe, such as the odd times when my browser doesn’t provide me any options other than to exit and I have no idea why. Read on for screenshots.
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Twitter for BlackBerry 10 Now Supports Multiple Accounts and More


Twitter for BlackBerry is a pretty crucial app and the experience has been somewhat lackluster. Blaq has definitely been the go-to app for those who are serious about Twitter. With the latest update to the official Twitter app for BlackBerry, it seems serious Twitter users might be a little more attracted to the native app. Continue reading for all the updates.
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10 BlackBerry 10 Tips and Tricks: Q10, Q5 and Z10 Users Must Read


At BlackBerry Live 2013, there was an awesome session with Jeff Gadway, Marketing, and Michael Clewley, Software Product Management, at BlackBerry. They had some great tips and tricks for your BlackBerry 10 device. Some of these you may or may not know. We’ve condensed the presentation into 10 great tips and tricks. Check them out.
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