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Free BlackBerry file explorer FileScout Updated to 1.3



Donationware file browsing application FileScout (formerly BBFileScout) has been updated to version 1.3 with new features and fixes. FileScout allows to view, edit, and email files on your BlackBerry.

Here’s some of what’s new in version 1.3:

-Open HTML files using the BlackBerry Browser
-WordWrap feature added to text editor/viewer
-Advancements in FileScout’s search functions
-Selectable font size in text editor/viewer
-Read-only mode for the text editor/viewer (so as not to accidentally alter important system files)
-Show clipboard content feature
-eMail files, multiple files, whole directories

For more info, donations, and downloads, got to the FileScout for BlackBerry homepage.


Free BlackBerry file manager BBFileScout goes version 1.0


Older version screenshot.

The creators of BBFIleScout have had a ton of user feedback since the release of their free file manager for BlackBerry. They have now released version 1.0 of BBFileScout and there are quite a few major improvements.

Latest updates:

  • Options reorganized – on BlackBerry devices it’s quite common to separate the application options into various screens – this makes the options way more organized and easier to understand.
  • Path entry fields (Startup Path, Thumbnail Storage & Playlist Directory) show now an additional button that allows you to browse in the file system to make an appropriate selection (in the past this was only possible via the menu).

Some of the core features that have been maintained are:

  • BBFileScout is a file system browser for your BlackBerry (including hidden files)
  • Create directories, copy, move, rename, or delete files
  • Zip files or complete directory structures
  • Extract Zip archives (incl. structures)
  • Copy and delete complete directory structures
  • Open all media files (supported by your BlackBerry)
  • Register additional file types with other (3rd party) applications (if supported)

Download BBFileScout for BlackBerry devices with OS 4.3+


Free BlackBerry file explorer BBFileScout updated



BBFileScout is a file explorer and zipping application that is really impressive, especially being free. With BBFileScout, you can view files, rename files, move files, hide files, zip filles and heck, even associate files to a specific application ie: .doc to Documents To Go. It also includes an integrated text viewer.

A BBFileScout v0.6.9 is released and you can download it OTA.


  • Hide and unhide files and directories via the File/Directory information popup
  • Option ‘Show filenames in Menus’ – enables/disables the display of current selected file in the #Menu (default on)


  • Fixed internal NullPointerException [when updating root]
  • Options: it’s now possible the remove a previously specified playlist directory (in order to disable the complete playlist functionality of BBFileScout)