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BBSmart Alarms Pro updated to support more devices


BBSmartBBSmart just updated their BBSmart Alarms app to be compatible with the Bold, Storm, 8900, and 8350i. If you have purchased this app from our store then you already know this, but if you have one of these devices and you’re looking for the app, it’s now available.

Download the app here.
Price $4.95


BBSmart Alarms Pro v.1.24 Reviewed!


Alarms Pro

Some of you may remember BBSmart form their HTML Email Viewer – another great product we reviewed earlier this year. Well back in April, they released their Alarms Pro app – a huge step up from the default alarm app provided by the BlackBerry OS.

Well, if you’re thinking of buying yourself that $30.00 alarm clock radio at The Source, think again. BBSmart Alarms Pro v.1.24 allows you to set multiple alarms for multiple days with multiple sounds, saving you multiple dollars. Multiple.

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