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BBSmart Alarms Pro v.1.24 Reviewed!


Some of you may remember BBSmart form their HTML Email Viewer - another great product we reviewed earlier this year. Well back in April, they released their Alarms Pro app - a huge step up from the default alarm app provided by the BlackBerry OS.

Well, if you’re thinking of buying yourself that $30.00 alarm clock radio at The Source, think again. BBSmart Alarms Pro v.1.24 allows you to set multiple alarms for multiple days with multiple sounds, saving you multiple dollars. Multiple.

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The Crazy 48: 50% off BlackBerry Software (’Cool Deals)


Mmmm, turkey, NFL football, and Black Friday. This can mean only one thing: US Thanksgiving. In celebration of this hallowed occasion (and the drubbing the Lions will receive at the hands of the Titans), the BlackBerry Cool Store is offering a MobileHeist of sorts, carried out by The Crazy 48. That’s right, starting TODAY, the BlackBerry Cool Store is OFFERING 48 OF OUR BEST SELLING BLACKBERRY APPS FOR 50% OF UNTIL DECEMBER 1ST.

You can see a few of our favorite BlackBerry apps being offered below, with links to their reviews. However, you must purchase your BlackBerry app from the MobileHeist page to receive the discount price — no coupon code is required !

BBSmart Email Viewer -> Now $14.98!
BBSmart Alarms Pro -> Now $7.50!
VibAndRing -> Now $4.48!
Ascendo DataVault Password Manager -> Now $14.98!
Ascendo Fitness -> Now $14.98!

Have a safe and happy holiday this week and have fun with your new BlackBerry software!


Head-to-Head: Empower vs. BBSmart


Michael Kerfeld, an enthusiastic reader of BBCool, has submitted a great head-to-head review of Empower versus BBSmart HTML e-mail viewers. Head-to-head will be a new BBCool feature where we make two competing products slug it out until one emerges the victor. If you’d like to review for BlackBerry Cool, contact us.

We all know that the Blackberry Bold is coming, and with it RIM’s new, highly anticipated OS 4.6. A sneak peek of the features have been revealed, as well as to those using beta copies of the OS 4.5 on their current devices. RIM has given everything a touch up with fresher fonts, a more pleasant browsing experience, and snappier performance. OS 4.5 even brings a facelifted email viewer, but HTML email viewing still remains a thing of the future for those of us without an Enterprise Service activation or a carrier with BIS version 2.5. The days of endless URL strings continue.

Empower vs. BBSmart

BBSmart giveaway today!


BBCoolThe day is upon us! Just punch in the code BBSMARTFREE at our store’s checkout to get your free copy of the BlackBerry HTML e-mail viewer BBSmart. You need to make a purchase of at least $5 to get it, but considering BBSmart usually goes for $24.99, it’s a pretty sweet deal.

BBSmart giveaway this Thursday


BBCoolThe folks at Mobihand just let us know about a giveaway happening this Thursday, January 24th. - with any purchase over $5, you get a free copy of the BlackBerry e-mail viewer, BBSmart. I’ve spent a lot of time with BBSmart, and it’s a top-notch app that seriously increases the quality of your mail-viewing. Considering it normally retails for around $25, spending $5 on some other stuff to get it included is a sweet deal. Obviously, the easiest way to get the most out of it is to find some cheap software to put you just over that magic $5 mark, like e-Mobile Color Pearl or a month of Voice on the Go. Just enter the code SMARTFREE at checkout on Thursday for your free copy of BBSmart.

The Big Kahuna of HTML mail viewing


After using Empower HTML Mail viewer for awhile, I decided to give BBSmart a shot. It didn’t take long to see why it’s so popular. The image loading in e-mails is quick, the links are well-formatted, and you’ve got some great options for saving templates and turning e-mails into calendar entries or tasks. It’s carrying a beefier pricetag at $24.99, but you certainly get what you pay for. If you’re looking for something a little cheaper and lightweight, Empower is still a solid option.