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Ask Us! Missing Blackberry Browser


Missing Blackberry Browser
Kate asked us,

I upgraded my Blackberry OS after following the instructions to install the Zen theme. The theme is neat but after awhile I found out I was missing my browser. Thinking it was something to do with the theme, I switched back to my old theme and my browser is still missing! Any ideas?

This is actually a common occurrence when upgrading the operating system on the Blackberry handheld. It is an easy fix for the most part, just do the following:

1. Options –> Advanced Options –> Host Routing Tables.

2. In this screen you may see several entries, ignore the others and highlight the bold entry.

3. Wheel-click and select ‘Register Now’.

4. Close the screen and go back to the Home Screen. Give about 30 seconds for your browser to reappear.

Changing the time zone on your Blackberry


Change Time zones
If you’re going to be staying somewhere foreign for an extended period of time it may be a good idea to change the time zone on your Blackberry.

To change your time zone do the following:

1. From the Home screen, click Options.

2. From the Options screen, click Date/Time.

3. With the Time Zone field already selected, click the trackwheel and select ‘Change Option’.

4. Using the trackwheel, scroll through the list and select the desired time zone and save your changes.

Ask Us! Ridding ‘Enterprise Activation’


Hide Enterprise Activation
Rob asked us the following question,

I have just bought a Blackberry 7100x on the O2 network and on the front screen it’s showing “Enterprise Activation”. I am not intending to use this device on an enterprise server and have signed up to O2’s Internet e-mail service at www.o2email.co.uk for the Blackberry.

Do you know how I get rid of this “Enterprise Activation” so I can get the browser on the front screen?

By default the Enterprise Activation screen is always the first icon or menu item for each Blackberry. Anyone that is not connected to a company’s or 3rd party Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) will never need to use this application. So to get rid of it is just a matter of hiding the icon.

To get rid of the icon or menu item, do the following:

1. Highlight ‘Enterprise Activation’

2. Hold down Alt+Wheel-click and select ‘Hide Icon’. You can do this for any other icon.

3. To reveal the hidden icons, just hold down alt+wheel-click and ‘Show All’

Adding multiple email addresses


Additional Emails
You can add additional emails per contact, the main reason for this is that some people have a work and personal email address. Although we have to admit, in our experience the majority of people don’t mind wasting their company’s time unless they work for Big Brother or something.

To add additional contacts per email:

1. Open up Address Book.

2. Select contact –> wheel-click and select ‘Edit’.

3. In the contact information screen –> wheel-click and select ‘Add Email Address’.

4. Enter second email –> wheel-click and select ‘Save’

Ask Us! Storing Phone Numbers to SIM Card


Copy To SIM
Chad asked us,

I have the blackberry 7105 and I need to save my numbers in my phone book to my sim card. How do i do that?

We’re guessing Chad uses another cellphone thus to make for an easy transition he needs to store his phone book on his SIM card. So instead of re-entering all the phone numbers again he can just import them from the SIM card. There is a solution built-in to the Blackberry OS to do exactly what Chad needs to do.

To copy a phone number from the address book to the SIM Phone Book on your handheld

1. On the handheld Home screen, click the Address Book icon.

2. Select the contact containing the phone number you wish to copy.

3. Click the trackwheel and select View.

4. Select the phone number, click the trackwheel, then select Copy to SIM Phone Book.

5. Click the trackwheel and select Save.

Ask Us! Why can’t I just buy a Blackberry with just voice?


Heather asked us,

I am interesting in buying a Blackberry to use as a cellphone and a PDA. I’m not really interested in email or any web browsing so I don’t need a data plan. However the girl at the desk wouldn’t sell me just one with a voice plan saying I need to get the data plan. She couldn’t give me a proper answer why I need to buy the data and I’m just thinking she was trying to rip me off.

Heather, she’s not trying to rip you off. RIM gets a percentage of the monthly data plan so if you bought a Blackberry with just a voice plan they would lose out on revenue. Your best bet would be to buy a used Blackberry and insert a SIM card in it so you can use it as a cellphone and have some limited PDA functionality.