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The BlackBerry 8520 launches in more countries



It seems RIM is positioning the BlackBerry 8520 as the global BlackBerry and are marketing it to countries all around the world. Its low price point makes it an ideal candidate for regions such as Europe, where phones are often free and customers are very sensitive to price.

The device has launched in Venezuela via Movistar, Malaysia, France via Boygues Telecom, Belgium and the Netherlands

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arrowUp Launches eID Scanning Application For BlackBerry


Belgian company arrowUp announced today the launch of its eID PKI (electronic Identity Card Public Key Infrastructure) application for BlackBerry. The application enables quick checks to be conducted of Belgium citizens’ eID on BlackBerry smartphones connected to a BlackBerry Smart Card Reader using Bluetooth.

Jean De Coster, Sales Manager, arrowUp comments: “This application is unique and has been exclusively developed for the BlackBerry platform. In Europe there is no comparable application available and as a leading company in the field of e-Identification, we are extremely pleased to offer this application with the BlackBerry solution.”

arrowUp’s eID application is intended for government and medical organizations, as well as insurance and security companies. Interested organizations can learn more at http://eid.arrowup.be/arrowup/en/arrowup/.


Belgium gets the BlackBerry 8100 and BlackBerry 8310


ChocolateOnly a country as great as Belgium could handle the sheer awesomeness of not only chocolate and waffles, but also the GPS-enabled BlackBerry 8310, with a side-order of BlackBerry 8100. GSM carrier Proximus will be sporting the AZERTY-keypad-clad devices, with the Pearl running € 299, and the new Curve going for € 449. Proximus is also packing the BlackBerry 8820 for any Belgians looking to get some Wi-Fi action. We love hearing about BlackBerry news from around the globe, so if something is going on in your corner of the planet, feel free to drop us a line at info at blackberry cool dot com.

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Virtual Reach zeroes in on Belgium and the Netherlands


Virtual ReachVirtual Reach, the fine purveyor of BlackBerry Cool to Go, has announced a partnership with Jakajima, a publishing group in The Netherlands. Their magazines, autoConnect in the Netherlands and ConneXie in Belgium will be accessible on Viigo, for any of you European readers out there. The publications cover consumer electronics of all sorts, including BlackBerry. In fact, they covered the Curve launch in the Netherlands, while we totally missed the boat on that one. Man, is my face red.