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Future Shop to Sell Rogers BlackBerry Torch September 15th


future shop torch

We’ve been hearing that the Torch is set to arrive in September in Canada and launch dates have put it anywhere between the middle of September to the end of the month. A recent screenshot of a sales terminal or inventory system tells us that the Rogers BlackBerry Torch will be going on sale at Future Shop on the 15th which puts it only around a couple weeks away.

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BlackBerry 6 Update for Bell Devices Not Coming Until 2011


bell blackberry 6

How lame is this? A leaked document shows that BlackBerry 6 won’t be available for Bell OS 6 ready devices until 2011. Users are eagerly awaiting the Bold 9700, BlackBerry Pearl 3G and the Curve 3G from Bell to upgrade with BlackBerry 6 and it looks like they’re going to have to wait until hell freezes over to get the update. Other than the Torch, which should launch early October, it’s not clear when these BlackBerry 6-ready devices are expected to launch, but 2011 seems a long ways away. Too bad, so sad, your dad.

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Sign Up to be Notified of the Bell BlackBerry Torch Launch


blackberry torch

The BlackBerry Torch 9800 is coming to Bell “this fall” which we assume means end of summer or beginning of October. While there’s no official release date or pricing, we might expect the device to be available for around $99 on a two year plan at best. For those of you on the Bell network, or in Canada looking to switch carriers and pick up a Torch, you can head over to bell and register for a notification of when it’s available.

Head over to Bell’s website and register to find out when the Torch launches.

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BlackBerry Torch 9800 Review: BlackBerry 6, Touchscreen, Keyboard and More


blackberry torch

The BlackBerry Torch has been in the office for a couple of weeks now and we’ve had a long time to think about some of the intricacies of using this device for both business and pleasure. The Torch is the first BlackBerry to feature BlackBerry 6, a touchscreen and a QWERTY keyboard and RIM employees have been quoted saying it’s the best BlackBerry to date. Touchscreen devices are likely a sensitive issue with RIM as the company has had a lot of negative press over the BlackBerry Storm. The Torch has a touchscreen that has dropped the infamous SurePress technology and there is a lot of buzz about this device given the heated consumer smartphone competition. Have these improvements made it the best BlackBerry to date? Lets take a long, hard look at this device (that’s what she said).
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BlackBerry Torch Canadian Launch Kicks Off September 21st


torch 9800 canada launch

We last heard the Torch will be coming to Canada mid-September but it looks like end of September is more likely. A flyer going out to sales reps shows the Torch launch kicking off in Toronto on September 21st, then Vancouver on the 22nd and Montreal on the 23rd. From August 20th, to September 8th, if you’re a sales rep with one of the highest BlackBerry sales, you could win an invitation to the event where RIM is giving away a total of 75 Torch devices (25 at each launch event). Good luck!

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Reminder: BlackBerry Torch 9800 Unlock Requires Browser Service Books


blackberry 6 homescreen

This may be an obvious reminder for some but if you’re looking to get your BlackBerry Torch unlocked, make sure your carrier has announced the device because otherwise they may not have the proper WebKit browser service books. With an unlocked Torch, you can still use the WebKit browser over a WiFi connection, but you’ll be unable to use it over a regular radio connection unless your carrier can send you the service books.

With the help of our friends at Cellfservices, we were able to narrow down the issue a little further with feedback from customers who got their Torch unlocked. Here are some more facts:
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