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BlackBerryCool Untethered Episode 4: Kik, Gym Technik, Chirp and Twitter for BlackBerry


This is the fourth video podcast, and the first episode of BlackBerryCool Untethered (thanks Bla1ze). This week, we talk about some new apps released including Kik, Gym Technik, Belladonna and Tvider. The biggest news this week came from the official Twitter conference Chirp, where we learned some really interesting facts about Twitter for BlackBerry. As with every show, we touch on some BlackBerry vs iPhone stats, allowing Rob’s undying love for the Apple platform shine through.

Here are some of the posts we reference:

Kik Offers Free Messaging with Music Sharing App to Come
Kik Unveiled at BlackBerry DevCon 2009
Gym Technik Partner with WiThings Internet Connected Scale
Follow Friday: BlackBerry News and Opinion from the Twittersphere
Inspirational Quotes App Belladonna Free Until May 16th
Tvider Goes Version 2.0 with More Basic Twitter Functionality

Inspirational Quotes App Belladonna Free Until May 16th


Twinkler Software have a new app called Belladonna that shows motivational and inspirational quotes on your BlackBerry. The app provides a positive message twice a day with an on-screen popup, accompanied by a musical alert. Belladonna also incorporates a wallpaper changer that rotates through a selected series of images once a day. Best of all, Twinkler are giving the app away free as a “pilot release” with the coupon code “BELLA“.

More information about Belladonna in the BlackBerryCool Store.

On a side note, does anyone else think Belladonna is an ironic name for an app meant to inspire?