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Bermuda Government and BlackBerry Hosting Young Developer App Competition


bermuda apptitude contest

The Ministry of Business Development in Bermuda along with RIM is hosting a competition called App-ti-tude where developers will make BlackBerry apps and compete for prizes including cash, smartphones and a PlayBook. The competition is aimed specifically at young developers and participants must be under the age of 25. RIM is flying out a specialist to help with technical questions and the event will be held at the end of April.

One of them most important elements of a good app development competition is that the Terms and Conditions give the developer every opportunity to start a new business and make money off their hard work. One of the worst examples of this is the Great Canadian Appathon for Windows Phone 7. The contest comes with a set of Terms and Conditions where participants will not own their code at the end. Instead, the code will be “co-owned” by XMG Studios out of Toronto who are also the judges.

After reading the App-ti-tude Terms and Conditions, we can see that the government is serious about letting the developers own their own intellectual property. The only strange part is where they make the developers sign a “non-exclusive, worldwide, irrevocable licence to use, display, publish, transmit, copy, make derivative works or podcasts from, edit, alter, store, re-format, sell and sub-licence the Entry for such purposes.” At least the IP is explicitly protected.

Head over to apptitude.bm for registration and more information.

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Digicel launches BlackBerry 8320 in Bermuda


Bermuda It was nearly a year ago that the Curve first hit Bermudan shores, but now the Wi-Fi version from Digicel has lapped up on the tropical surf. Bermuda keeps a close eye on devices coming onto the island, one would presume to protect such a small and isolated market. It’s good to see that hasn’t stopped the new devices from coming in, even though it’s a little late to the party. I wonder how long it’ll take for Digicel to get the BlackBerry Bold out there…

Bermuda confiscates BlackBerrys


BermudaIf you happen to be a Bermudan living it large in a tropical paradise, maybe laying low from tax evasion but still have business abroad, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got your BlackBerry registered. Why? Bermudan customs officials will confiscate the thing on re-entry. Either that, or they’ll slap you with an import fine that’s being equally applied to mobile phones and all electronic devices as well. Of course, if you’re just visiting for vacation, all you have to do is register your gadgets for the initial entry, and you’ll get a yellow slip confirming ownership. Still kind of harsh on the locals, don’t you think? Is there danger of a big electronics smuggling ring in Bermuda?