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BerryBlow Updates Popular Stocks+ App With New Notification Options



BerryBlow let us know that the popular Stocks+ app has been updated to version 1.1 with some cool new notification settings. You can now specify alerts for stock changes and get notifications every time the aler is triggered. In the current version, you can create alerts of these scenarios:

  • More, less than current value;
  • Value is outside the interval (minimum – maximum);
  • Difference between average of the day and current value (in %);
  • Difference between 52 week average and current value (in %).

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BerryBlow Apps Celebrating 2nd Birthday with 25% Off Sale



The 3rd of December is BerryBlow’s second birthday and to celebrate, they’re running a 25% sale on all their apps. To take advantage of this deal, use the coupon code “berryblow2y” to buy any of the apps until December 3rd. Happy birthday!

Check out all the BerryBlow Birthday Deals at this link.

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Freemium Labyrinth 2 Game Released by BerryBlow Apps



Labyrinth 2 is a new game from BerryBlow Apps that comes in a free and paid version. The game is simple and fun – navigate a steel ball through a maze of traps and find the exit. If you have a BlackBerry with an accelerometer, use can tilt the device to move the ball around. The latest version of Labyrinth features:

  • Levels for beginners
  • 2 types of the field
  • Over 80 new levels (quiz, maze, speed levels)
  • New elements: buttons, lasers, gates and magnets
  • New game effects

Check out the free version here.

The full paid version of Labyrinth 2 is available here.

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BerryBlowApps Games and Themes on Sale for 60% – 80% Off



BerryBlowsApps is having a sale right now where many of their games and themes are between 60 and 80 percent off. Some of the sale items include:

Xonix World Tour: $0.99 ( 66% OFF )
Durak: $0.99 ( 80% OFF )
Coloricks: $0.99 ( 66% OFF )
Mancala: $0.99 ( 66% OFF )
MiaPuzzle: $0.99 ( 66% OFF )

They also cut prices to: Opposition Zen Theme, Opposition Green Zen Theme, Opposition Grey Zen Theme – only $0.99.

Check out BerryBlowApps in our store and see if you spot anything you’d like.

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Durak and Mancala Strategy Games Updated with Torch Support and More



BerryBlow apps let us know that they have updated two of their games with Torch support as well as some bug fixes. The first, Durak, is a popular international card game. The object of the game is to get rid of all your cards before your opponent does. At the end of the game, make sure you’re not the player with cards in your hand or you become the “Durak” (fool).

Durak is currently on sale for $3.99 in the store. Keep reading for more about the Mancala game update.
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