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BerryBUDDY and OtterBox reviews updated



Things have been pretty hectic with WES over the last couple of months, but we finally managed to catch up on some lingering reviewables around the office today. Both the BerryBUDDY and OtterBox have had to deal with changes in BlackBerry casing, like the bulking of the BlackBerry 8330, and the new camera orientation on the newer BlackBerry Pearl. Check the update to our BerryBUDDY and OtterBox reviews to see how they’ve adapted. If you’re packing a newer Pearl or Curve, these two might be worth your while.

Innov8 releases BerryBUDDY Curve


The folks at Innov8 let us know that they’ve released a BerryBUDDY charge stand for the BlackBerry Curve. It’s available for $26.95, although sadly our wish for a more Curve-oriented color scheme wasn’t granted. If you’re on the fence about picking up one of these bad boys you can check out our review of the BerryBUDDY Pearl, which should remain relevant for the Curve as well.

Curve BerryBUDDY on the way


CurveBuddyWe just got some fresh concepts shots of the upcoming BerryBUDDY charging/syncing cradle for the Curve, and it certainly looks pretty slick. A light gray charger with chrome highlights might match the Curve’s style a bit better, but we ain’t complaining. Besides, it’ll still be awhile before this hits shelves, so changes are entirely possible. We took a look at the Pearl BerryBUDDY which had a sweet design, so hopefully innov8 can bring the same quality to the Curve.

BerryBUDDY to be tweaked for 8120 and 8130


Stefano has managed to get an early shot of the new BerryBUDDY for the Pearl 2, which has been adapted for the new USB slot position. Supposedly, the adapter is kind of a booster seat for the 8130 and includes an adhesive pad to keep it in place. That being said, hopefully you’ll be able to pick it up separately for those who have upgraded from the BlackBerry 8100 but still want to use their old charger. We also hear that a Curve cradle is in the works from innov8, but we’ll have more info on that next week.

New BlackBerry 8300 charging cradle available


Miblackberry just spotted a new BlackBerry 8300 desktop cradle from BoxWave, featuring an optional extra battery recharge slot. This cradle will do the job, sure, but where’s the style? Just take a look at the BerryBuddy, and you’ve got something that does your device’s good looks justice. (Speaking of which, the BerryBuddy charger for the BlackBerry 8100 is set to launch on the 17th.) BoxWave’s deal will cost you $52.95 for the spare battery charger model, and $32.95 for the standard.

BlackBerry 8100 charger coming soon


BerryBuddyThe fine Spaniards at miblackberry have spotted an upcoming BlackBerry 8100 dock by the name of BerryBuddy that looks pretty stylin’, especially versus RIM’s clunky thing. RIM’s BlackBerry 8800 and 8300 docking stations are coming out next week, but if the form factor of the accessory doesn’t match the that of the device, it just gives third parties like Innov8 Systems here the opportunity to cash in. More power to ‘em - this new dock is classy. So classy in fact, we’re getting one for review. Keep your eyes peeled.