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Create BlackBerry alerts for email, SMS, calendar events and missed calls



SmartAlerts allows you to create customized Blackberry alerts using filters on e-mails, SMS, calendar events and missed calls. For example, you can set up your alerts for a family member sending an e-mail. You can also set a custom LED for calendar events.

Custom LED: SmartAlerts supports BerryBuzz to customize the LED color for any custom alerts. (Please make sure you have BerryBuzz installed to take advantage of this feature. This feature will not work without BerryBuzz)
BerryBuzz costs $5.95.

Message Preview: In addition e-mail and SMS alerts can be set to show a preview of the message using BerryPopup. (Please make sure you have installed BerryPopup to take advantage of this feature. This feature will not work without BerryPopup)
BerryPopup costs $6.95.

Purchase SmartAlerts for the special price of $6.95 until May 14. A 7 day trial is available.

Bellshare GmbH is also giving away 25 copies to BlackBerry Cool readers. The promo code is ‘coolsmartalerts‘.


Customize your BlackBerry LED with BerryBuzz



We love our BlackBerrys. We love them because they are our communicators—they connect us to the world through phone, email, SMS, IM, Facebook, and just about any other way that technology lets us get in touch with one another. But one of the great flaws of the BlackBerry OS is the way it notifies us of incoming messages. The blinking red-LED is great, but it doesn’t tell us anything about the nature of the communication. Did I get an email? An SMS? A missed call?

That’s where BerryBuzz comes in. Compatible with just about every BlackBerry you could throw at it, BerryBuzz lets you customize that LED. Want a turquoise LED for new Email, and a yellow one for missed calls? You got it. With BerryBuzz, you can tell what type of communication your BlackBerry is telling you about—just from a glance at the LED.

But enough about the product’s idea—let’s look at the details, and see if it is worth the $5.95.
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