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Create BlackBerry alerts for email, SMS, calendar events and missed calls



SmartAlerts allows you to create customized Blackberry alerts using filters on e-mails, SMS, calendar events and missed calls. For example, you can set up your alerts for a family member sending an e-mail. You can also set a custom LED for calendar events.

Custom LED: SmartAlerts supports BerryBuzz to customize the LED color for any custom alerts. (Please make sure you have BerryBuzz installed to take advantage of this feature. This feature will not work without BerryBuzz)
BerryBuzz costs $5.95.

Message Preview: In addition e-mail and SMS alerts can be set to show a preview of the message using BerryPopup. (Please make sure you have installed BerryPopup to take advantage of this feature. This feature will not work without BerryPopup)
BerryPopup costs $6.95.

Purchase SmartAlerts for the special price of $6.95 until May 14. A 7 day trial is available.

Bellshare GmbH is also giving away 25 copies to BlackBerry Cool readers. The promo code is ‘coolsmartalerts‘.


New email and SMS preview app BerryPopup discount and giveaways



BerryPopup is a new applilcation available in the BlackBerry Cool Store. The app gives you previews of incoming email and SMS messages the moment they arrive. Much like Aerize and PeekaWho, BerryPopup allows you to reply, forward, mark as read or delete messages right from the preview window without having to switch to the messaging application.


* – Preview incoming e-mails/alerts
* – Open inbox, reply, forward, mark as read and delete e-mails right from the popup
* – Open inbox, reply and forward SMS right from the popup
* – Disable popups until backlight dims or for a certain time right from the popup
* – Customize order of messages (Oldest first, Newest first)
* – Only show popups for messages from contacts you have in your phonebook
* – Customize positioning of the popup (“System Default”, “Bottom of screen” or “Stretch to the borders of the screen”)
* – Customize position of the button bar (left, right, top, bottom)
* – Automatically turn on backlight when a message comes in
* – Auto-dismiss popup after specified time
* – Disable popups while in the messaging application
* – Disable while device is locked so you will not be flooded with popups after unlocking
* – Disable popups while backlight is on
* – Show contact photo and customize its size
* – Customize font sizes
* – Integrates with SmartAlerts (coming May 2009) for absolute control which messages trigger popups and which don’t

BerryPopup is available for $6.95 from the BlackBerryCool store or $4.95 until May 6th.

We’re also giving away 25 free copies for the first 25 people to enter the code ‘coolpopup‘. So go!

[ED NOTE: Just to be clear, it’s a promo code that you enter at the purchase link]