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BlackBerry Storm2 gestures revealed and features inertial scrolling



The gesture brochure for the BlackBerry Storm2 doesn’t show anything too incredible. It points out that SurePress has been upgraded, and due to the multi-touch capabilities, typing is a much faster experience.

Scrolling on the Storm2 has been upgraded and now features inertial scrolling. This is the type of scrolling that you get on an iPhone, and the developers behind BerryScroll have addressed for the original Storm. This brings up an interesting point about RIM eating the developer’s lunch. What’s stopping RIM from implementing your app natively and not purchasing a license? I’m sure the guys at BerryScroll have much more up their sleeves but it leaves you wondering.

On another note, while zooming in is as easy as double tapping the screen, I’m not sure if it was the greatest way to handle the function. Personally, I would much rather a pinch gesture, or something entirely new. Zooming is a gesture that requires a range of motion, rather than a binary style approach. This is a minor criticism but it’s something that you begin to notice after using the Storm2 for a long time.

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Flick scrolling for the Storm with BerryScroll and 50 free copies



BerryScroll has been updated to version 1.1 and they have some copies to give away to BlackBerry Cool readers. The app gives your BlackBerry Storm flick scrolling, a widely requested feature from the BlackBerry community.

The latest update to BerryScroll means that you don’t have to re-enable the app with every app launch. This makes the app much easier to use.

More new features that you will find in version 1.1:

  • The ‘Enable/Disable BerryScroll’ menu item now globally turns BerryScroll on/off.
  • Added click through support in lists while in scroll mode (no more double clicking necessary).
  • Added setting to turn off scroll indicator.
  • Improved flick sensitivity.
  • Improved transition into flick mode.

BerryScroll is on sale for $2.99 (regularly $4.99) today with the coupon code berryscroll299.

We also have 50 free copies for BlackBerry Cool readers. First come first serve! Use the coupon code bcoolbscroll and the first 50 will get it free.


Flick scrolling for the BlackBerry Storm with BerryScroll


One of the greatest things about owning a BlackBerry is that if you’re ever feeling like the device lacks a particular feature, there is usually an application out there to help.

For users with a BlackBerry Storm, one of these features is “flick scrolling,” which is available on most touchscreen devices such as the iPhone.

BerryScroll gives you flick scrolling functionality for the BlackBerry Browser, contacts, phone and media application. While there is no free trial available, the app has gone through extensive beta testing.

BerryScroll is available for $4.99 from the BlackBerry Cool store.