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What BES admins can see on your connected BlackBerry



Super Moderator Joolie at the Port3101 forum answers a question that BES administrators have been asked many times: “What can my BES administrator see on my personal device if I connect it to the BES?”

The article doesn’t seem to specify whether Joolie is running BES 5.0. Some administrators will wait for the 2nd service pack before committing to a full upgrade.

What syncs/is stored/is accessed by the BES includes:

* Corporate email
* Corporate calendar
* Corporate PIM data (address book, memo pad, tasks)
* Browser bookmarks
* Password Keeper data (although this cannot be accessed in any way, even when restored to another device, without the PK password)
* PIN messaging data (including the actual message sent/received); logging turned off by default
* Phone call data (date/time of call, number called/received, length of call); loggined turned on by default
* Text message data (including the actual verbage of the text message); logging turned off by default
* Blackberry Messenger data (this one is extremely klunky to get and I don’t know a single BES Admin that turns this one on)
* All applications installed on the device (games, stock apps, etc.)
* OS version installed on the device (so we’ll know if you upgraded to a beta OS!)

In addition anything that is a part of automatic wireless backup could *technically* be viewed by performing a restore to a new device.

What a BES Admin can’t see:

* BIS email messages (I *might* be able to see what service books you have, but cannot read the messages)
* 3rd party IM messages (Yahoo!, MSN, etc), although I can see which of these applications you have installed.
* BlackBerry Messenger contact names/PINs