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BlackBerry Cool Roundup for the Week of February 15th


Lots of news this week came out of Mobile World Congress 2010 and the biggest news from RIM is the announcement of BES Express. BES Express is a free version of BES, with watered-down features but a lot of the same functionality. This is big news for the SMB market, but it’s a little disappointing to the average consumer. It would be great if RIM could host these services for the growing number of consumers who don’t have a small business. The other news to come out of MWC is Mike Lazaridis talking about BlackBerry Super Apps: a concept which completely eludes BlackBerry users and seems like marketing fluff. Basically, a Super App is an app that takes advantage of all the APIs that RIM have out there. The only apps RIM have pointed to explicitly as being Super Apps are the ones they have developed, which I personally think sends the wrong message to developers.
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Zenprise Talks BES Express and Implications for Enterprise



I’ve been chatting about the BES Express announcement with Ahmed Datoo of Zenrprise lately and I thought I would highlight some discussion points that haven’t been brought up yet. The BES Express announcement from RIM is very much a recognition from RIM that consumer smartphones are entering the enterprise market. The background to this announcement is centered on a shift in the enterprise world of corporate liable devices to employee liable devices. For those unfamiliar with the terms:

Corporate liable – The company distributes the BlackBerry and is responsible for the cost and maintenance of the device. Generally, this device is locked down and restricted, so as to minimize cost and security risks to the organization.
Employee liable – The device is purchased by the employee, and brought into the organization. This device may or may not be compatible with the network, and it’s up to executive management and the IT department whether or not said device will be allowed.
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BES Express Conference Call



Research in Motion held a conference call today to go over the details on it’s new service: BES Express.

The call told the story about how the new service came to be and shared some insight as to who they think can benefit from it.

From the millions of new BIS subscribers yearly, many consumer BlackBerry users are naturally bringing their devices into the workplace. BES Express is a way in which small and medium-sized businesses can sync email and calendar events when getting a full BES license is not in the cards. This new flavor of BES bridges the gap between BIS and BES allowing these businesses to use their devices to their fullest.


BoxTone Software Certified for BES Express



Mobile user management solution BoxTone has announced that they will be supporting the newly announced BES Express.

“BoxTone applauds Research In Motion for its introduction of the exciting new BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express,” said Alan Snyder, CEO, BoxTone. “BoxTone supports all industry initiatives that help organizations both large and small mobilize their businesses faster.”

Boxtone helps efficiently mange, monitor, and support Smartphones of every variety for businesses large and small. Check out their software demo.


RIM’s Big BESX Announcement at MWC Details Leaked



There have been a lot of rumors circulating about RIM’s big announcement and most of them point to RIM offering an inexpensive and watered down version of BES to BIS customers. The upcoming services will be aimed at giving out some of the enterprise functionality such as OTA sync, backup and restore and well as remote data wipe. Click through for the rumored details of the announcement.
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