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BlackBerry certification is now a must


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A BlackBerry Cool reader just passed me along an interesting article from IT Career Planet on BlackBerry certification. If you remember, waaaay back in May RIM launched the BlackBerry Certification program as a means of empirically validating the skills of a company’s IT department in supporting BlackBerry. According to IT Career Planet, RIM’s certification program is now longer a novelty or a good angle for getting a raise, but a must for any IT professional.

An early adopter of Research In Motion’s BlackBerry Smartphone, Salt River Project, one of Arizona’s largest utility companies, today supports 1,600 devices and adds 30 new accounts monthly. The company has about 5,000 employees. It’s no surprise to learn that Salt River Project is rallying around RIM’s recently introduced BlackBerry certification programs.

“When we hire, we’ll definitely require that the job candidate is BlackBerry certified,” says Alex Logvin, enterprise messaging analyst at Salt River Project, Phoenix, Ariz.

I know a lot of IT and BES admins read BlackBerry Cool, so please weigh in. Is the BlackBerry Certification a novelty or a necessity for any enterprise serious about mobile IT? You can see a list of RIM’s current and upcoming certification programs after the jump.

(via IT Career Planet)

BlackBerry Certification Programs

WES 08 Hangover Week: GPXS grabs ISEC7


GPXSWe talked with the young and talented ISEC7 crew back at WES, but neglected to mention their recent acquisition by solutions provider GPXS. ISEC7’s main product is a BES monitoring suite called B*Nator that includes spiffy BlackBerry remote control app for help desk operators, while GPXS offers a wide array of services, ranging from enterprise application deployment, to hosted BES. ISEC7 shows a lot of promise, and is definitely a good buy on GPXS’ part.

WES 08 Interview: ISEC7


TieguyWe covered these guys when we first heard of their remote control app, so it was good to sit down and talk with Guido and Matthias about B*Nator, and their Remote Control feature available for free trial over here.