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RIM Releases BlackBerry Client for Microsoft SharePoint


Microsoft SharePoint is an essential tool for many large organizations and for a long time RIM hasn’t had much support for it. In the meantime, many organizations have looked to solutions such as WICKSoft, a company that we have covered extensively on BBCool. More about RIM’s SharePoint solution after the break.
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Layoffs at RIM? Great, Fresh Blood is Good


The newswire is abuzz about recent firings or layoffs at RIM and generally giving the tired same response of “another nail in the coffin for RIM.” The truth of the matter is that it’s probably not that people considering the giant size of RIM globally, and in the end it’s for the best. Fresh blood will bring fresh ideas to the company and challenge the status quo. Rather than see this as the demise of the company, it should be seen as a positive move for the company to cycle out some underperforming fodder for some real innovative staff.

Generally, the company has lost its evangelists. Every single news source loves to put a negative spin on the news. For example: RIM is supporting other smartphone platforms on BES. Rather than understand that companies on BES are seeing a smattering of other devices on the network and a few iPhones isn’t a corporate takeover, media likes to say it’s the end of RIM. Hopefully these layoffs are happening in the marketing department because they’re clearly not doing a good job of convincing the tech writers and bloggers of the world.

The media is a real herd mentality these days. Maybe it always was.

UPDATE: Again, the media just keep repeating the same line over and over. When the VP of Digital Marketing, Brian Wallace, announced he was leaving for Samsung, somehow this got translated into bad news for RIM. The real story is that Brian Wallace has been working at RIM for 11 years. Any company that’s going to transform for a fast-paced and changing market should be happy if 11 year old employees are leaving. It will make room for new blood that can invigorate the company.

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RIM Announces BlackBerry Balance for Corporate and Individual-Liable Devices


With an upward trend in Individual-liable devices, BlackBerry has announced BlackBerry Balance. Suitable for both employee-owned and corporate issued devices, BlackBerry Balance satisfies both corporate security and personal privacy in an elegant solution.


  • Secure access to business information while preventing the information from being copied into, sent from or used by personal applications like Facebook®, Twitter®, Windows LiveTM Hotmail, Google MailTM or Yahoo!® Mail accounts.
  • Business data or files created by business applications cannot be used by personal applications, not even using the copy and paste features
  • If a user attempts an action that is prohibited by IT policy, a notification is displayed on the device.
  • If an employee leaves the organization, an administrator can remotely wipe business information from the device while leaving personal information intact.
  • If a device is lost or stolen, an administrator can wipe all information from the device to help ensure that sensitive business information and the user’s personal information don’t fall into the wrong hands.
  • Get more details about BlackBerry Balance.
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    More Details on Upcoming BES 5.0.3’s BlackBerry Balance Features


    blackberry balanceblackberry balance

    Lately we’ve been hearing a lot about BlackBerry Balance, especially from Jim Balsillie who mentioned it on the quarterly earnings call. With the 5.03 update to BES, we’re expecting some pretty cool features from RIM that will allow employees to “balance” their work life from the personal life on their device.
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    Athena Device Management for BES Giving Free Perpetual Licenses for 5 Users



    Back at DevCon we met with Odyssey Software to check out their Athena for BlackBerry Enterprise Server mobile device management product. The company is now offering a fully functional copy of the product which includes 5-user perpetual licenses and gives organizations the ability to see firsthand how Athena provides support for BlackBerry.

    If you’re interested, head over to the Athena product page for more details.

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    What Businesses Can Benefit from the BlackBerry PlayBook?


    blackberry playbook

    The PlayBook is going to be very enterprise-friendly and there are a lot of businesses that could potentially benefit from a tablet connected to a BES and synced with the corporate email servers. Recently, Sun Life Financial said it plans to use the PlayBook to help companies increase the number of employees who sign up for group retirement plans.

    Sun Life has found that a lot of employees will attend information sessions about group retirement but will leave without having signed up. With a PlayBook, Sun Life will be able to sign up employees on the spot, and the PlayBook will pay for itself quickly.

    What other businesses can benefit from a PlayBook? Clinics, hospitals and the healthcare industry will surely grab the PlayBook as patient data is so sensitive, and a secure RIM tablet would be complementary to their services. Anyone in sales will surely want a tablet for presentations and accessing analytics on the go. Do you think your company could benefit from a PlayBook?

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