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The BlackBerry PlayBook Was The #1 Selling Tablet at Future Shop and Best Buy


Haters are gonna hate but RIM is doing an excellent job pushing out the PlayBook. BlackBerry’s Twitter account recently announced that the PlayBook was the number 1 selling tablet at both Future Shop and Best Buy. This is great news for consumers, developers and for the BlackBerry 10 platform. We’re hoping that these sales entice more developers to get on board and start building great apps for the tablet and BlackBerry 10. Speaking of developers, RIM also announced that they’ve had more than 6,200 apps with 3,000 pending review as of Feb 29th.
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More Cyber Monday Deals From Best Buy, Radio Shack, Costco and More


While Black Friday/Cyber Monday has turned into a spectacle of greed and basically everything that sucks about humanity, there’s still awesome deals so just avoid the news and focus on what’s important: cheap toys. We’ve got a list of some of the Cyber Monday deals going on right now so give the list and scan and see if anything picks your fancy. Then, put on some body armor and head to your local retail outlet.
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Today is Launch Day for the PlayBook – Getting One?


playbook in store

The BlackBerry PlayBook goes on sale today and it should be interesting to see the sales figures roll in. We’re also curious at how well RIM handles the launch of an entirely new product line. So far, it seems it may not have been a good idea to get the review units out as they weren’t completely finished. If RIM had held back review units, they probably would have caught flack from the various tech sites around the Internet, but maybe that would have generated a more positive buzz for the company than negative.

When it comes to PlayBook supply, we’ve been hearing that the distribution channels are a little disorganized. This is pretty typical as RIM has invested a lot in the carrier and retail channels, which makes it difficult to siphon off devices for developers and reviewers. There are plenty of people in both camps that are still looking for their PlayBook. BlackBerryCool contributor Aaron is ready to sell some PlayBooks but it seems his store only has 2. We’ve heard one Source location in Ottawa only has 7 PlayBooks, but none of this is confirmed with the company, but comes from employees. Lets wait and see what the numbers say.

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A Minute is Still Far Too Long For the PlayBook to Boot


We’ve seen the PlayBook several times being demoed but the boot screen hasn’t been shown off all that much. Considering how long it takes for a BlackBerry to start up, avid BlackBerry users are pretty keen on knowing how long it will take a PlayBook to boot. In recent demos of the PlayBook, we’ve heard the QNX team say that they’ve had the boot time for the PlayBook down to around 30 seconds but this Best Buy demo unit shows it takes 30 seconds plus another 30 seconds of intro video. A full minute is far too long for the PlayBook to start up. It takes the iPad 2 around 20 seconds to reboot and this is what RIM needs to set as their minimum. We’re hoping this boot time goes down significantly with updates and RIM also includes a loading bar so we know roughly how long to expect.

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BlackBerry PlayBook Now Available for Pre-Order Online



RIM and Best Buy have announced the pre-orders, pricing and launch date for the PlayBook. The PlayBook with WiFi will come in three models including a 16GB, 32GB and 64GB version priced at $499, $599 and $699 respectively. The PlayBook is scheduled to be available April 19th (9 days after rumors thought it would launch), from all Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile stores. The device will also launch April 19th in Best Buy and Future Shop in Canada. You can preorder your PlayBook today online at:
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Best Buy Announces Pre-Sale of BlackBerry Torch Today


blackberry torch

Best Buy let us know that they’re now accepting pre-orders for the BlackBerry Torch 9800 from AT&T. The device doesn’t seem to be showing up on their site, but hopefully it will go live any minute now. The BlackBerry Torch from Best Buy Mobile will cost $199.99 with a new 2-year contract or upgrade purchase.

Pre-orders can be made by visiting any local Best Buy or Best Buy mobile standalone store, or by going online at www.bestbuy.com/mobile.

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