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BlackBerry Pearl 3G From Best Buy Canada for $79.99 on 3-Yr


The BlackBerry Pearl 3G is now on the Best Buy Canada site for $79.99 on a 3 year contract with Rogers and $449.99 sans contract. We got our hands on the Pearl 3G at WES 2010 and it looks like a great improvement to the Pearl series. Any Pearl users out there looking to upgrade?

Make sure to check out our coverage of the Pearl 3G at WES.

More purchase information about the Pearl 3G available from Best Buy Canada.

Read it on IntoMobile.

Best Buy BlackBerry Tour 9630 Stock Not Getting Replenished



BGR is reporting that the BlackBerry Tour 9630 is on its way out at Best Buy. This is a regular occurrence whenever a device update is coming and I’m sure we’ll be seeing the Tour2 9650 in the next few months. I’m definitely looking forward to a trackpad and WiFi.

Best Buy offering free wireless sync solution for BlackBerry



Best Buy Mobile have launched their mIQ wireless sync solution, and it’s a great way to get BES-style contact syncing but for free.

Once you have installed the app, all your contacts, calendar, SMS, and call log information are backed up to the mIQ servers. The service will also back up all your pictures and video. The app includes Facebook integration so you can set your status, which isn’t the most useful feature but welcomed nonetheless. mIQ will also tell you how much memory is free on the SDcard.

Try mIQ Live from Best Buy and wirelessly sync your contacts and media for free.


Best Buy offers great deals on BlackBerry Storm and Curve


best buy blackberry

Best Buy is offering some great deals on BlackBerry devices with the launch of their Best Buy Mobile stores. Best Buy Mobile will be a store within a store, offering the best mobile products at a discount.

The BlackBerry Storm on Bell will go for only $49.99 on a 36-month plan.

The BlackBerry Curve on Virgin Mobile will go for $49.99 on a 36-month plan. This is a great deal but it’s important to note that it has been free at WirelessWave for the past 2 months. Although it is technically priced at $99.99, they have an in-store promotion to make it free, with a 50 dollar credit on top of that for accessories.

For more great deals on BlackBerry devices, check out the BlackBerryCool hardware store.

Technically priced at 99.99 but they have
an in store promotion to make it free, with a 50 dollar credit on top of that for accessories.


Best Buy places Telus BlackBerry Storm availability at December 8th


Best Buy Canada has placed a flyer on their website advertising the Telus BlackBerry Storm for $250 on a 3-year plan with a launch date of December 8th (Monday!). Continuing with the checkout process changes the estimated release date to December 31st, and tacks on another $50 to the purchase, but I’ll chalk this up to sales information that is not fully updated pre-launch.

You can pre-order the Telus BlackBerry Storm from Best Buy’s online site, but purchases appear to be available in-store only. Click the link below for more information. Regardless of whether or not December 8th is the launch date, I’d recommend that all Canadian Storm Chasers pay special attention to BlackBerry Cool on the 8th for the latest word.

Best Buy Telus BlackBerry Storm

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Best Buy advertises Telus BlackBerry Storm for $299?


Hello, fellow Canucks. I come to you blogging from the Mid-Western United States, stuffed with turkey and ready to bring those above the 49th parallel the latest in BlackBerry news.

Following yesterday’s appearance of the Telus BlackBerry Storm on Future Shop’s site for $649.99, our friends at MobileSyrup got their hands on a Best Buy Canada banner ad promoting the Storm for $299.99 on a 3-year contract, with a supposed December 18th release date.

The Best Buy link is now dead, so hopefully someone is knocking an extra $100 off the price before putting it back up.

While your waiting for the BlackBerry Storm to drop in Canada, make sure to check out our hands-on impressions.

|via MobileSyrup|