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Gowalla for BlackBerry Now Available in Beta


Gowalla is another location-based service that lets you check-in to businesses and collect rewards for essentially promoting the venue to your friends. This type of location-based viral promotion is definitely the forefront of location advertising. The viral factor helps spread awareness about the venue, and companies can offer tailored incentives to drive more business.

The problem with Foursquare, which I’m curious about with Gowalla, is that the user experience is totally defined by what city you live in. In Ottawa, the experience is very lackluster and there is only 1 business that takes advantage of the service (the Mercury Lounge). There are no food deals and for someone who doesn’t drink or go out, this means there are no deals available in the City. Considering Foursquare aren’t adding many badges, their is now almost no value proposition for Ottawa users on Foursquare. Will Gowalla have a similar downside? We’ll review the two services and compare their value proposition for a user.

Download Gowalla for BlackBerry and let us know what it’s like using it in your city.

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Beta Testers Needed for mProductive Task, Calendar and Event Management App


mProductive is a new app by the same people who brought you mCaller. The app allows you to create action items from calls, emails and SMS’s which then appear in your native BlackBerry task list, calendar and memo pad. Once the items are created, you can link them quickly to groups, and then view them automatically by day, week, future, overdue and more.

If you have a BlackBerry (OS greater than v4.2.1), and are looking for a fresh perspective on how to better organize your life and are willing to provide constructive feedback, then send an email to support@mproductive.com to participate in the beta program. Participation will require confidentiality.

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Tungle for BlackBerry Beta Review: The Easiest Way to Schedule Meetings


About a month ago we told you that Tungle are looking for volunteers to beta test their upcoming BlackBerry application. Tungle is a beautiful service that makes scheduling meetings very easy. The concept is very simple and is based on allowing you to suggest times for a meeting based on availability, and allow attendees to either accept the meeting invite or propose different times. Today, I’ll take you through the beta application and show you what’s in store for BlackBerry users.

The test meeting I’m going to use is a basic meetup on Skype that I have done a thousand times and often book with the same contacts. I have invited BlackBerryCool writers Nan Palmero and Matt Cameron, to get on a Skype call this week and talk about our plans for WES 2010. Here is how it’s done with Tungle for BlackBerry:
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Get Invite-Only Beta Apps From the BlackBerry Beta Zone


RIM has introduced the BlackBerry Beta Zone, a site for invite-only beta programs that is now available to the general public. Currently, RIM has the App World test center available to the general public, but the number of applications is pretty sparse, and not exactly the most exciting apps. Also, the Beta Zone will solely feature RIM products such as upcoming versions of BBM and official apps such as the BlackBerry Twitter client.

Here are some beta programs that you can get access to via the Beta Zone:

  • BlackBerry Device Software 5.0 maintenance release for the BlackBerry® Curve™ 8520 and BlackBerry® Curve 8530 smartphones. This program will be open to members who live in Canada and will be capped at 1000 participants.
  • BlackBerry Messenger 5.0.1. This program will be open to all members.
  • BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0.2. This program will be limited to invited organizations only. Stay tuned for more information in future posts on recommending organizations for beta program invites.
  • BlackBerry Beta Zone. This program will be open to any members. This program will be about the BlackBerry Beta Zone itself. It will not include any product software.

Head over to the BlackBerry Beta Zone for more information, or check out the Inside BlackBerry post for more details.

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Tungle Looking for Beta Volunteers for New Blackberry App


Tungle, the slick cloud based scheduling tool has just tweeted that they are looking for beta testers.  To get in, email bb@tungle.com and include your Blackberry model and OS version.

For those of you not yet familiar with Tungle, it’s a great app that has proved indispensable to me and excels at solving the problem of cross-network scheduling of meetings.  A typical scenario is this:

  • I want to book a meeting with several people from 2 or more companies, which means I can’t see their calendars and they can’t see mine.
  • So I either decide that I’m ‘feeling lucky’, a la Google, and then send out meeting invites for a specific date and time, or I’ll start playing the ‘this date works for me…how about you?’ game.
  • Either method results in a series of wasted back and forth communications whose number is directly and exponentially tied to how many attendees will be in the meeting.
  • Eventually, through luck and determination, and lots of wasted time and effort we finally arrive at a date and time that works for all.

Tungle solves this beautifully by allowing the other attendees to either accept the meeting invite or propose different times.  It really shines when most (or all) of the attendees use Tungle as your Tungle calendar can sync with your other calendars (notably Outlook and Gmail with more to follow I’m sure) which means that you can very quickly find a specific time slot that works for everyone attending.

I’ve applied to the beta and will post a review after I get it and put it through it’s paces.

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Guitar Studio: Beta Test a Cool New Guitar App for BlackBerry


LCAmobile is beta testing a new app for BlackBerry called Guitar Studio. The app lets guitar enthusiasts load Tab and Chordpro files on their BlackBerry and play them hands-free. The app has a 30,000+ chord library with fingering, built-in MP3 player and recorder and a tone based tuner.

Other features include:

  • Auto Scrolling of Tab and Chord files
  • Easy chord lookup while playing
  • MP3 Playback
  • MP3 Looping for hands free practice

To join the beta testing group, you simply have to join their forums and send them an email. Enjoy!

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