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RIM Launches BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing App in Beta Zone


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RIM has announced the BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing app designed to make scheduling, joining and rejoining conference calls from your BlackBerry quick and easy. Features of the app include:
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BlackBerry Beta Zone Hits 100,000 Users and Giving Away Prizes


beta zone

The BlackBerry Beta zone has reached over 100,000 users which is a pretty decent benchmark. The program is a year old and has grown to support over 35 beta programs across multiple regions. To celebrate the occasion, from Monday April 11-12, 2011 RIM will be giving out prizes to randomly-selected BlackBerry Beta Zone testers who have completed their User Profiles. Here are some instructions on how to enter, it seems like RIM will be contacting winners via PIN message:
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BlackBerry Messenger Available in Beta Zone


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The latest BlackBerry Messenger, version is available in the Beta Zone. We’re getting closer to version 6.0 and while there aren’t any big improvements in this release, it’s good to try and get your hands on it for the basic fixes. Here are some fixes you’ll find in this release:
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BlackBerry News Feeds App 1.01 Now Available in Beta Zone


blackberry news feeds

The BlackBerry News Feeds app is a pretty cool RSS reader for your BlackBerry. The app is a little redundant for BlackBerry 6 users, but RIM probably wanted users to have something for the OS 4.6 to OS 5 users. Even if that was the reason, it seems like a waste of time considering there are third party RSS readers. In any case, the latest update to the News Feeds app includes:
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BlackBerry App World 2.1 Available in Beta Zone


app world

RIM has opened up BlackBerry App World 2.1 to US and UK residents in the Beta Zone. Here is what’s new in App World 2.1:

In-app Payments – With the BlackBerry Payment Service SDK, developers can monetize their games and apps in new and interesting ways.
Filtered Featured Items – Featured Items are now filtered by carrier, country, device and OS to ensure that you are presented with the most relevant apps as soon as you open App World.
Extended BBID Login Session – With this latest release, a single BBID login session lasts for 20 minutes, making it easier for you to download and install as many apps as you’d like in one go.

The in-app payments is probably the most exciting addition in App World 2.1 and hopefully developers will start implementing this feature. We may start seeing more free games supported by the sale of virtual goods which would make for some interesting gaming.

Head over to blackberry.com/beta to get involved in the beta.

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RIM Rolling Out BlackBerry News Feeds App in Beta Form


social feeds app for BlackBerry 6
Social Feeds

A new app will be hitting the App World Test Center and Beta Zone over the next couple days called BlackBerry News Feeds. The app is an integrated RSS reader that lets you read your daily news and share it with your contacts. Not much is known about this app but hopefully it will have some integration with Google Reader, otherwise many users won’t switch over from their current solutions.

Something that is really puzzling about this new app is the redunduncy it causes with BlackBerry 6 users that already have Social Feeds on their device. Perhaps this app is more focused on the OS 5 and below crowd. It’s also possible that the app uses some of the awesomeness from Viigo’s app, which has been dead ever since they were acquired by RIM.Hit the jump for details from RIM.
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