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Menoo Restaurant App Launches in Public Beta with Strong South Asian Support


Menoo is a location-based restaurant platform that has gone public beta. With Menoo, users can find restaurant dishes close to them as well as help build the database of restaurants, much like foursquare and facebook places does. Users send messages, upload pictures, vote for their favorite dishes and write restaurant reviews. Currently, the app supports over 3,000 restaurant menus from around Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and the US. Menus come courtesy of partnerships with Indonesia-based JalanSutra and US-based AllMenus.com.

Register for Menoo at their website at this link.

Download the Menoo app OTA at this link mymenoo.com/download/menoo_download.php.

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Twitter for BlackBerry Version 2.0 Beta Gets Update – Flip Flops on UI



RIM has announced that Twitter for BlackBerry version 2.0 beta has been updated in the Beta Zone. What’s strange is why RIM has both the Beta Zone and the Test Center. You would think that users could simply grab the beta from the Test Center, rather than have to log in via the Beta Zone where only certain members get access. The former is much easier as an end user. In the latest version, the Twitter developers seem to be going back and forth a lot on the UI. This time they’ve changed the color scheme and added “My Profile” to the nav bar, when it was previously taken out. Other changes include:

  • Color Refresh – featuring a lighter color scheme
  • Compose a Tweet – the Tweet composer is “hidden” from the Home timeline but accessible from the new Compose Tweet bar located below the navigation bar
  • Trending Topics with local trends support – a Trending Topics icon has been added to the nav bar and now includes local trends support
  • My Profile – Now users can access their profile quickly and easily from the nav bar (or the Menu)
  • Performance Enhancements to improve the overall usability of the app

Download the app in BlackBerry Beta Zone and read more about it on Inside BlackBerry.

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Facebook for BlackBerry Version 2.0 Beta 3 Now Available in Beta Zone


facebook version 2

RIM has announced Facebook for BlackBerry version 2.0 Beta 3 and it’s available for download in the Beta Zone. The biggest update here is the ability to delete posts. This is a decent feature that was needed, but is it really necessary to launch it in the beta zone first? It seems that’s one of the downsides to a big company like RIM making the software: they act like a big company. Remember Guy Kawasaki’s rule: don’t worry be crappy. Just push it out and update. Anyways, the features in this release include:

  • WiFi support
  • The ability to delete comments and posts
  • New delete prompts

To download the latest version of Facebook, head over to the Beta Zone.

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Developers: RIM Introduces BlackBerry Java SDK 7.0 Beta for Augmented Reality, NFC and More


blackberry bold touch

The latest BlackBerry development kit looks to have some pretty awesome APIs and tools that developers can use to make the next generation of BlackBerry apps. Some particularly interesting APIs include the magnetometer APIs which allow for better navigation apps, as well as augmented reality and gaming. The Native Window API lets developers overlay a native window such as a camera or video view finder, or web browser. This sort of API is a great help when creating augmented reality apps. Also of great relevance are the NFC APIs which will allow developers to read the NFC chip to communicate with other NFC-enabled devices.

So what can we expect? Well it will be great to see some new games and augmented reality apps. Apps like Google Goggles are a fun way to discover your surroundings and hopefully an app like Poynt will get an augmented reality feature as well. It would also be great to see BBM use the NFC APIs to be able to “bump” your BBM contact rather than use the QR code. Hopefully RIM is on top of that.

Hit the jump for the press release.
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UPDATED: GroupMe Group Messaging App Updated to Version 2.0



UPDATE: GroupMe will be releasing this latest build, which includes a few new updates, to the public from their website. The link is live and you can go to it now: bit.ly/grpme2030. You can read about it on their blog too.

Recently GroupMe, the popular group messaging app, was updated to version 2.0. For those who don’t know, GroupMe, one of the popular SxSW-launched apps, allows you to start a group, add your friends, and get a free phone number for it. Text the number and everyone gets your message, like a text chat room. Call it and you’re all instantly on a conference call. New features include:

  • In-app chat. Send messages over your data connection, entirely within the app. Text as much as you want without hitting your SMS balance.
  • Push notifications. You will get messages as soon as GroupMe receives them. BlackBerry notifications appear in your inbox when you receive new messages.
  • Photo-sharing. Take and share photos with your groups right within the app.
  • An improved, fresh user interface.

Check out the free GroupMe version 2.0 Beta in App World.

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Facebook for BlackBerry 2.0 Updated in Beta Zone with OS 5.0+ Support and More


facebook version 2

Facebook version 2.0 has been updated in the Beta Zone and it includes support for OS 5 and above, as well as enhancements to Facebook Chat and more. Specifically, updates include:

Facebook Chat

  • Know when a friend is typing a message by the visual cue of “is typing a message”
  • Filter Online Contacts to quickly find a specific friend and start a Chat message.
  • Mutual Friends and Friends List

  • Discover which friends you have in common with other users via the Info tab on Profiles (dependent on Privacy Settings of the user).
  • Enhanced integration with BlackBerry native apps

  • Click on PINs, Phone Numbers, and email addresses displayed in Wall posts, messages or the Info tab, to perform the respective action (e.g., place a call) or save the information to your BlackBerry Contacts application
  • To download the latest version of Facebook for BlackBerry, head over to the Beta Zone.

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