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RIM Likely to Profit from $11bn 3G License Auction in India


The 3G auction in India raised an astounding $11 billion by selling licenses to major carriers such as Bharti Airtel, Reliance Communications and Aircel. Considering the low price of communications in India, $11 billion is even more incredible.

Now that the 3G licenses are in place, these carriers are going to need to sell a lot of 3G enabled devices to start collecting some revenue. BlackBerry have a solid footing in India, and we can expect the company to profit significantly after this auction. Just recently, the Bold 9700 was launched in India and users can also use the Storm2 9550 on the country’s 3G networks. I’m sure we’ll see some of the next generation devices hit India as well to cater to the high-end smartphone buyers.

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Bharti Airtel and RIM Launch the New BlackBerry Pearl Flip in India


BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220

Press Release

Mumbai, India – Airtel and Research In Motion today announced the launch of the BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 smartphone in India. Priced at Rs.21990 the smartphone is now available at Airtel authorized channels nationally.

“The BlackBerry Pearl Flip is a powerful, compact smartphone equipped to deliver a wide range of applications,” said Mr. Sanjay Gupta, Chief Marketing Officer, Mobile Services, Airtel. “This continues to reinforce our commitment to enhance and deliver the best communication experience to our users with the latest BlackBerry smartphones from Airtel.”

The new BlackBerry Pearl Flip smartphone harnesses the power of the BlackBerry platform and packs a wide range of useful features into a sleek flip design. Its spacious keyboard allows easy typing and dialing and the flip design opens to a large, vibrant internal display and provides the satisfying finality of ending a call by closing the phone. Customers will also appreciate the smartphone’s external display for previewing calendar reminders, email, text messages and phone calls at a glance.

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Indian carrier rolls out BlackBerry, moons gov’t


Despite the partial ban on BlackBerry services that was just announced, Indian carrier Tata Teleservices has gone ahead and rolled them out anyway. Tata was the company that started the whole mess in India when they tried to get government certification for the release. Funnily enough, other operators like Bharti and Vodafone never bothered with certification and have had BlackBerrys on the market for a while. Tata is, understandably, distressed by the “significant loss of business opportunity and recurring revenues” they’ve suffered, and said as much in a letter to the Department of Telecom that is behind the ban. There’s no word on just how the Indian government has responded to the move, so the next few days should prove quite interesting.

BlackBerry 8120 hits India


Airtel 8120Another Pearl hits the streets today: the BlackBerry 8120 through Indian carrier Bharti Airtel. The Pearl will be joining Airtel’s recently released 8820 in offering Wi-Fi BlackBerryage to the masses. This one is going with a steely titanium finish, versus O2’s blue release yesterday. India’s a huge growth market, as we’ve seen in the past, and bringing the newest devices over there means good business for RIM. Thanks Stefano!

Bharti Airtel launches BlackBerry 8820


BlackBerry 8820Indian carrier Bharti Airtel is bringing out their own BlackBerry 8820, just in time to butt heads with the competition. The price point for the Wi-Fi-enabled enterprise device rests at Rs. 31,990, matching Vodafone’s price exactly. Once upon a time, Vodafone owned a stake in Airtel, but ditched it in favour or Hutch Essar. With the BlackBerry 8310 missing from Bharti Airtel’s lineup, that decision could very well pay off.