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UK Garbage Company Biffa to Outfit 1,500 Employees with BlackBerrys


Biffa is one of the largest garbage collection companies in the UK, and they’ve recently committed to giving 1,500 employees a BlackBerry. The Telegraph reported them as “BlackBerry-type” devices which is a strange way of putting it considering these are true BlackBerrys manufactured by RIM. The devices are also called “rugged BlackBerrys” which hints at the fact that they come with some additional protection.

The new BlackBerry-imbued Biffa employees will be able to take photos of overfilled garbage cans, or catch households who have put general waste in their recycling. This is surely going to concern up the number of infractions detected and may result in more by-law tickets issued. The Biffa BlackBerrys will also be used to track the location of garbage trucks to ensure binmen don’t take a detour to the local pub.

The Biffa deal with Vodafone costs £1.75m for 3,100 devices including “regular” BlackBerrys, dongles and 3G data cards. We’re not sure what model of device, but I’m sure the Biffa team would enjoy the Bold 9700. The deal sounds so sweet I might just quit my day job and become a Biffa binman.

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