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Microsoft Bing on BlackBerry Offers Users More Choice But Not Enough


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One of the biggest problems facing the perception of BlackBerry and its sales seems to be quality control and user experience. There are just a few user experience issues with a BlackBerry today that are crippling to the user experience. Here are the top 3 we hear:

Loading apps causes the phone to stall and you must reboot.
Rebooting the smartphone takes forever (up to 4 minutes).
Updating OS can take an hour and is fragmented by carrier.

The media and many analysts continue to erroneously claim “BlackBerry is doomed”, but fail to point out RIM has made all the right acquisitions and those major frustrations won’t be around for much longer. Take the PlayBook as a good indicator of where the platform is going. You can install an app, multitask and use the device without any issues. Rebooting the device doesn’t take long at all, and updating the OS is a breeze. The three major headaches facing BlackBerry can and will be solved. This is the right direction to go in and it seems like the Microsoft and RIM announcement is a step in the wrong direction. The announcement seems like it was made from a high executive level without any real concern for the end user. The fact of the matter is that Bing is an awful search engine and it hurts the user experience rather than improve it.
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Steve Balmer and Mike Lazaridis Announce RIM-Microsoft Partnership


Today during Mike Lazaridis’ keynote speech at BlackBerry World, Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer made a surprise appearance and announced a partnership between Microsoft and RIM. The partnership involves the integration of Microsoft’s Bing search engine into the Universal Search feature of the BlackBerry OS.

Slated for a holiday 2011 launch, the new search integration will be designed not just to search for text and relevancy, but to also utilize location and social graph to deliver highly contextual answers about your area before even needing to ask.

The developer leading the project Blaise Ag├╝era y Arcas spoke of bringing search results “right to the glass”. He spoke of the search “completing a task” bringing useful information right to the user in a mobile context instead of prompting the user to sift through results.

This fine-tuning of the search will require less clicks to find what you are looking for; less clicks means time saved.

For more info about the announcement, check out Microsoft’s press release.
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Verizon Pushes BlackBerry Users to Use Microsoft’s Bing



Verizon is now pushing BlackBerry users to use Bing as the search engine of choice for their smartphone. To do this, Verizon have removed Wikipedia and Google from the BlackBerry browser search bar. While users can still find ways around this, such as downloading the Bing app or bookmarking the search page, it’s still a pain and hurts the end user experience.

In the end, Verizon needs to be giving users options. I often find that Bing doesn’t return the search answers I’m looking for, while Google is almost 100% reliable. Also, considering Verizon is such a large buyer of BlackBerry smartphones, I don’t think this is good for the brand.

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