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Experiencing BIS Problems in Canada and North America?



There are reports that BIS users across Canada and the US are experiencing problems across all carriers with email, web browsing, Facebook, Twitter etc. So far there are no reports from the Michigan area, but Ohio and parts of Canada are reporting problems. RIM is attempting to fix the problem.

Are you having issues? Let us know where, what and on which carrier.

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Is RIM in Need of More Redundancy to Prevent Outages?



The recent BlackBerry outages have highlighted a sort of conflict of interest at RIM. On the one hand, RIM’s core customer base and competitive advantage, come from being the most secure smartphone on the market, and thus the business standard. On the other hand, RIM’s net new subscriber base is consistently coming from non-enterprise users, who care less about security, and more about apps and their smartphone lifestyle.

One of the underlying causes of BlackBerry outages, aside from carrier-side problems, is the architecture back at Waterloo. BlackBerry service for consumers is routed through RIM’s Network Operations Center (NOC), which gives RIM more control over encryption and security, versus a distributed solution. While a centralized network provides more security, it means catastrophic failures if you lose the NOC.

So should RIM be investing in more redundancies and a distributed network solution, or stick to the NOC architecture that made it so successful in the first place? Carmi Levy, a Canadian-based independent technology analyst and journalist has published his thoughts for Beta News.

Your thoughts?

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RIM has isolated and resolved the BIS outage



The WSJ is reporting that RIM has isolated and resolved the BIS issue that affected some BlackBerry customers this morning.

“Some customers may still experience delays as email queues are processed,” RIM said in an emailed statement. “RIM is continuing to investigate the cause of the issue and apologizes for any inconvenience.”

According to a Sprint spokeswoman, Crystal Davis, the outage was caused when something went awry during a maintenance check. She goes on to say the outage began at 3AM and even though users were experiencing delays in receiving emails, BBM was not affected.

Anyone still experiencing slow email on BIS?

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Are you experiencing a BIS outage?


There are reports all around that the BIS is down across North America. Personally, I never notice these things when they happen because I’m on a BES, but I feel for everyone affected. The outages are reported with AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile. Again, there are so many reasons why the BIS might be down that it’s impossible to speculate, but if multiple carriers are affected, it’s probably a node somewhere in RIM’s network.

Are you experiencing an outage? Where are you and who is your network provider?

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