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Dipdive Launches Love Stories Feature in Partnership with BlackBerry


We’ve given Dipdive some pretty negative reviews here on BlackBerryCool because the social network just didn’t seem to offer much compared to the plethora of other networks any given person has already signed up for. The social network is geared towards artists, musicians and entertainers, who “share a socially conscious mentality.” You have to wonder who that excludes, Charles Manson?

Dipdive has recently announced “Love Stories” in partnership with BlackBerry, so that users can celebrate what they love to do. To create your own Love Story, head over to Dipdive and give it a shot.

Maybe if they keep getting money from RIM, Dipdive will become the new MySpace.

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RIM Renaming the Wireless Enterprise Symposium – Suggestions?


Rumor has it that RIM will be renaming the Wireless Enterprise Symposium (WES) conference to reflect the change in the company’s focus to its QNX operating system as well as other content. The new name hasn’t been suggested yet but maybe RIM started this rumor so they could hear suggestions. How about simply “The Awesome Show”.

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PlayBook Featured in the Latest Black Eyed Peas Video


PlayBook featured in the Black Eyed Peas video if you can bare to watch it.

There isn’t much being shown of the PlayBook in the latest BEP video, just Will.i.Am walking around looking through the camera as per the photo above. As usual, RIM’s marketing team for some reason absolutely adores Will.i.Am and they had to give him early access to the PlayBook for his video. Do you think it was a working model or just a prop for filming? If you really want to kill a few minutes, the video is after the jump.
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Dipdive Mobile for BlackBerry Reviewed


Dipdive is a social network created by will.i.am that began as a place to host the video “Yes We Can” and has expanded to be somewhat like MySpace. The social network looks as though it has a ton of funding from RIM, as videos on the site constantly feature people talking and using BlackBerrys, and the homepage advertises the Black Eyed Peas concert sponsored by BlackBerry.

I thought I would give Dipdive a try as RIM seem to be investing a lot of money in both Dipdive and the Black Eyed Peas, and their BlackBerry app is available as a free download. It’s hard to review the application without reviewing the social network as well, but they’re intertwined and both relevant.
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