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New Elecite Theme Ace with Coverflow UI



Ace is the latest theme from Elecite and it’s got a coverflow style UI called “app card.” The theme comes with 5-6 customizable icons at the top, a weather Icon, 10-11 (locked) quick access app card icons and a Today style preview area so you don’t have to open your messages and calendar apps to see what’s inside.

Head on over to Elecite.com for more information about their latest theme.

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Humor: New stumpy BlackBerry unveiled during show for kids



I couldn’t resist the title, but there is a show traveling Canada right now called WIRED, and one of their props is an improvised giant BlackBerry. WIRED aims to educate youth about how to deal with cyber-bullying, and some of the challenges kids face growing up in a fully connected world. Funnily enough, the featured BlackBerry has Viigo loaded and a cool theme I haven’t seen yet. I actually don’t mind the square edges on the device and would probably buy a completely square form factor. I spoke to one of the actors Chris Cochrane, and apparently the kids they meet, aged 8-12, all have Facebook profiles and a lot of them have BlackBerrys.

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Letters:Pink BlackBerry theme for the Bold, Tour and 8900



JLDesigns have a new theme up and this one is for the girls (or guys who love pink). It’s called Letters:Pink and it’s available for the Bold 9700/9000, Tour and Curve 8900. The theme features mostly text-based icons and a pink color scheme.

Letters: Pink costs $4.98 and you can get more info on the download page.

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20 free copies of NatureBerry BlackBerry theme



NatureBerry is a new theme by Temas BlackBerry. It features 5 icons in a hidden frame, 6 configurable icons, a weather slot and a nice big clock. If you’re looking for a soothing theme, this is a decent find.

To get your free copy, use the coupon code NATURECOOL. First come first serve.

NatureBerry costs $5.00.

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New Elecite theme Poser includes custom avatars and backgrounds



Elecite have a new theme out called Poser and it’s definitely unique. Within the theme, you can change the background and create a custom avatar. With the avatar system, you can turn Stewie from Family Guy, Bag Boy and even Santa Claus into a decked out ninja. You can customize the head, outfit, weapon, accessories and even give him a pet.

Make your own Poser and send Elecite a screeenshot. The 10 best Posers will be featured on the Elecite Hall of Fame. If you make the Hall of Fame, you win a free theme as well a refund on the Poser theme. Submit your Posers to poser@elecite.com.

Purchase Poser on sale for $3.49 (regularly $6.99).

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Free XMASS StillScreen from DreamTheme plus discounts



The holidays are fast approaching and DreamTheme are giving away their Christmas StillScreen to help you decorate your BlackBerry with seasonal style.

To get your free Christmas StillScreen, visit the DreamTheme site from your desktop and enter the code “ENJOY” at checkout to get 100% off. Use code “BBCOOL1” if you want an additional 15% off of any of their other themed personalization products including:

  • PrimeThemes: Classic Themes for your BlackBerry including over 50 icons, and three backgrounds.
  • LiveScreens: Replacements for you BlackBerry homescreen featuring customizable icons, quick launches, drop down menus, hotkeys, custom backgrounds, layouts and more.
  • DreamTones: Each pack contains over 22 professionally produced tones from world-class studios.
  • StillScreens: A series of grand, uplifting background screens to embellish your BlackBerry and your day.

Note: DreamTheme does not currently fully support OS 5.0 but they say that they will soon and timing is “days, not weeks away.”

Happy Holidays from BlackBerry Cool!

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