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Watch Alec Saunders’ Keynote at BlackBerry Jam Asia 2013


I like this guy’s energy. It’s like the passion of Ballmer’s “developers!” speech but more modest and genuine. Alec Saunders took the stage to talk about the progress of BlackBerry 10 and the BlackBerry ecosystem. There’s some really interesting stats in his keynote, including the fact that BlackBerry 10 technically has more apps in its ecosystem compared to other ecosystems at their same point in time. Check out the video and some of the stats.
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Coming Soon to BlackBerry 10: Bad Piggies, Sina Weibo, Banking and More


If BlackBerry is really going to nail the consumer market, it has to get all the right apps in place. To do this, BlackBerry will have to use a combination of growing its user base, making development easier and going as far as paying for certain apps. It seems this strategy is well underway. Hit the jump to see what apps are coming to BlackBerry 10.
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Hype Machine Releases Native BlackBerry 10 App Ahead of Android



Hype Machine is a really cool music discovery service that has released a BlackBerry 10 app ahead of Android. The app allows you to discover music in a unique way. The analogy I often use is that while Pandora and iTunes uses algorithms to determine what songs you might like, Hype Machine uses people. Hype Machine has a long list of trusted music blogs and tastemakers from which they take music recommendations. This makes Hype Machine a unique music discovery method. You’re bound to find something cool that you’ve never heard of.

Download Hype Machine for BlackBerry 10 at this link.

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BlackBerry Z30 Hands-On Impressions: Better Performance and a Huge Screen


EDITOR NOTE: The following is sent in by a friend of mine that has early access to devices as he works in IT. I’m reposting this under my name because he’s obviously under NDA. Personally, I’ve played around with the Z30 a little, but not enough to write an impressions post.

I was a bit skeptical when I started hearing about a big touch screen BlackBerry. I’m not too keen on the notion that powerful has to be big but when I actually felt the Z30 in my hands, it felt familiar. I had played with the Galaxy line up to the latest version and I always found the format bulky in the hand. I was a big fan of the PlayBook for its size, and after many manufacturers followed without admitting that when BlackBerry referred to the book/novel size as perfect, they were actually right.
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Free Apps For Canadian Z10, Q10 and Q5 Owners!


From September 17th to October 31st, BlackBerry Z10, Q10 and Q5 owners in Canada will be able to get up to $25 worth of premium apps for free. The eligible apps include the Twitter client “Blaq,” productivity tool “SlickTasks,” image editor “Photo Studio Pro,” and games like “World of Goo” and “Modern Combat 4.” BlackBerry 10 customers can redeem this offer by entering the promo code “fallapps” on BlackBerry World.
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BlackBerry 10 Design Flaw: Gestures on Lock Creates Pocket Dialing Problems



The new BlackBerry 10 OS has a feature that starts off seeming pretty cool, but it turns out it’s actually a pretty terrible design flaw. When we first saw BB10, it was really cool to see the device get woken up with a gesture swipe. The OS even does this fun thing where it wakes the device up right at your finger tip, revealing the homescreen in a gradient fashion. But after using BB10 for over 7 months and having the most pocket dials in my entire life, I can tell you it’s definitely a design flaw.
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